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Latest update on Covid symptoms.


This weeks Newsletter


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What an incredible announcement! 🤩 We can't wait! Visit Crowdfunder for more info and to book your tickets:


Well done everyone fantastic start


Please can all Parents and Carers avoid parking on Picquets Way when picking up students this afternoon. Thanks.


What a fantastic start to the new school year by all the students this morning.🎉👏


Message from The Beacon School PE Department


Good luck to everyone getting their results today. 🤞


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A late night shout out to the team of exams officers, & their direct colleagues, across our secondary schools - thanks for all your fabulous work in the most difficult circumstances. We are truly grateful.


Good luck to everyone getting their results today. 🤞


Amazing local charity releases a single.


Final House Points Totals. Well done Explorer. 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉


The GCSE and A-Level Art and Photography Virtual Exhibition is now open.




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We speak to the student teacher from , whose team have won this year’s international STEM competition, and why it’s important to ‘Save Our Shores from Plastic Pollution’:




Final key information about our return to the school site can be found here...

Welcome Back

We are absolutely delighted that we can welcome all students back to our school site this week. The school site is safe and ready for our students to return.

Please take time to read the information outlined below and discuss the importance of following the guidelines with your children to help us make the reopening go as smoothly as we possibly can. Much of the information is the same as when I wrote to you in July but there are important updates regarding face coverings and Cucina food. 

Face Coverings 

The government updated its guidance on 25th August to state that school leaders will have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas where social distancing cannot be safely managed, if they believe it is right in their particular circumstances.

Therefore, The Beacon School is adopting the following principles:

  • Face coverings must be worn by staff and students in communal areas where it is not possible to maintain the integrity of year group bubbles and where social distancing measures cannot be maintained

  • All students and staff may choose to wear a face covering at any time

  • Where we have measures in place so that a communal area is in use only by one year group bubble, face coverings will not be mandatory, in the same way that they are not currently required in classrooms

  • Where we are able to maintain social distancing in communal areas, face coverings will not be mandatory

  • If a student or member of staff has a valid reason for not wearing a face covering, this will be respected.


A communal area may be a corridor, dining hall, meeting room or any other shared space other than a classroom.  Here are some examples of where the wearing of face coverings will be required:

  • Arriving and departing from school 

  • Year 7 & 8 using the toilet facilities in the North Block

  • Sixth Formers moving to lessons when not in their Main Block bubble

  • Students using the bike sheds outside of the South Block

  • Year 9 & 10 during school fire/evacuations

  • By any individual if they are required to leave their bubble area 

We will be informing students of the spaces and times where they will need to wear their coverings during tutor sessions this week.

With so many designs now available, please ensure that the face covering is appropriate for the school environment and it does not need to follow uniform colours.

In the event of a local lockdown, or further changes to government guidance, it may become necessary to review this guidance and make the wearing of face coverings mandatory in other circumstances.


School Food: 

Cucina has adapted its service to cater for the whole school.  Each Year Group bubble will have its own outlet for food, with mobile units providing both hot and cold food.  It will be a ‘Grab and Go’ approach with pre-wrapped food available.  As each year group is self-contained and there will be regular use of sanitisers and cleaning within each servery, we are continuing with the biometric method of payment (which requires the placement of a student’s finger onto a reader).  If a student prefers to give their name instead of touching the finger pads, they can do that too.

If you are new to the school and want to learn more about Cucina, there is a short video on the link below:  

Welcome Video-

Start Times on 3rd September: 


Year 7:      8.35am

Year 8:     10.30am

Year 9:     9.30am

Year 10:    10.30am 

Year 11:     9.30am


Year 12: Will not be in school on this day but have a remote assembly at 10.30am

Year 13: Will not be in school on this day but have a remote assembly at 12.00pm


On Friday 4th September all students will complete a normal school day and will arrive at 8.35am. 


Further information


How Students will be Learning


We will operate a year group bubble system. Each year group will be bubbled into a part of the school and this will, in effect, become their own mini school. 


Further specific details will be given to students this week, but the bubble zones for each year group will broadly be as follows:  



Bubble Location

School Entrance

Tutor Room

Year 7

North Block downstairs

North Block Car Park Entrance 

CSU - N6

IKE - N8

LFE - N9

VKA - N12

SCW - N15

RWE - N16

JDV - N17

JCH - N18

Year 8

North Block upstairs

North Block Pedestrian Gate

DMC - N22

SDU - N21

LMT - N20

LDA - N23

IMO - N24

TPY - N26

MAN - N27

DSE - T2

Year 9

West Block

Main Entrance

AGR - W14

AJE - W12

KDO - W11

ZMA - W17

AMO - W18

PPA - W20

PNE - W21

TGA - W23

Year 10

Ashcroft Block

Main Entrance

ABE - A22

CBA - A23

LKL - A24

MBO - A26

GPR - A27

DLE - A29

LSA - A30

SWL - A19

Year 11

South Block

South Block Car Park

SCL - S18

PTM - S21

SBR - S22

KMH - S24

JTY - S27

TBA - S28

KWA - S30

NSA - S10

Sixth Form

Sixth Form Area and Main Block

South Block Car Park

GDW - W15

HFE - M16

ERI - M17

KDU - T3

JBE - T1


SBA - M32

RDV - T4

A15 - MKH


Curriculum and Adapted Lessons : Students will be following as full a  curriculum as possible based in their year group bubble. Our specialist rooms will be reserved for use by Year 11 and the Sixth Form in the first instance.


Student Groups: 

Year 7 & 8: Students will be taught in their Tutor Groups for all of their lessons.

Year 9: Students will be taught in their Tutor Groups for all of their lessons apart from when they are in their options subjects.

Years 10/11/12/13: Students will be taught in their sets and option classes.


Equipment for Learning: We will not be able to share equipment in the way in which we were used to. Therefore, please ensure that your child has their own: reading book, pens (blue/black and green), pencils, ruler, rubber, calculator (FX85GTX or FX83GTX), compass, protractor, white board pen, safety scissors, glue stick and a pencil case. 


School Day: We have adapted the school day to limit the number of lesson changeovers and movement within bubbles. The school day will be as follows:


08:35:     Tutor Time

08:50:     Period 1

10:30:     Break Time

10:50:    Period 2

12:30:     Lunch Break

13:00:     Period 3

14:40:     Tutor Time

15:00:     End of the Day


Classroom Set-Up: Classrooms will be adapted, so that where possible, students will sit in rows facing the front. The teacher will be located at the front of the classroom and for the vast majority of time in each lesson they will be socially distanced from the class. Teaching Assistants and any other adults will be located at the back of the class and will once again need to be socially distanced from the class for the majority of the time.


New Timetables: Students will be given their new timetable by their Form Tutor this week.


Information About What Students Should Wear


Uniform: I expect students to wear full school uniform every day, with the exception of the days when they have PE.


Wearing Face Coverings Safely

With any use of face coverings, whether voluntary or mandatory, it is important that students understand that:

  • It is vital that face coverings are worn correctly and that guidance is followed including how to put on, remove, store and dispose of face coverings, to avoid inadvertently increasing the risks of transmission.

  • Safe wearing of face coverings requires cleaning of hands before and after touching – including to remove or put them on – and the safe storage of them in individual, sealable plastic bags between use. Students will need to provide their own plastic bags.

  • Where a face covering becomes damp, it should not be worn and the face covering should be replaced carefully.

  • The expectation is that students will wear a face mask, as opposed to bandanas, scarves or other more extensive face coverings, unless there is a valid reason for doing so.

  • Our expectations of behaviour with regard to the use of face coverings will be shared with students at the start of term.

We are certain that the majority of students will now have their own face coverings. All face coverings should be labelled on the inside with the student’s name. 

PE Lessons: Students should wear their PE Kit on the days when they will have a PE lesson. We are not using our changing rooms until further notice.


PE staff will inform students of the sports that they will be covering this half term and the kit that they will need.


Washing of Clothes/Showering : We recommend that, where possible, students wear clean uniform to school each day. You may wish to ensure that your children wash/shower when they get home from school.

Information About Food, Water and Hygiene   


Break and Lunch Time: Each year group will remain in their bubble zone for all break times.

Water Fountains: These will not be in use. Therefore, students will need to bring enough water for themselves for the day. Cucina will also sell drinks at break and lunchtime. 


Hand Hygiene and Sanitisers: There will be sanitisers positioned around the school and we expect students to use these on the entry and exit points.

We also suggest that students bring their own hand sanitiser to use throughout the day. Students will need to wash their hands regularly in the washrooms in their bubbles. Students may wish to bring a small hand towel to dry their hands.


Catch it,  Bin it, Kill it: This is a key public health routine which we follow in school. Please ensure that your child has a pack of tissues that they can use if needed.


Information About Coming To School 


Attendance at school: Please contact the Admissions Team if you wish to discuss any concerns about attendance.  Attendance will be mandatory from the start of the new school year. The Government has clearly set out that the usual rules for attendance will be reinstated from September, including:

a. parents’ duty to secure that their child attends regularly at school where the child is a registered pupil at school and they are of compulsory school age

b. schools’ responsibilities to record attendance and follow up absence

c. the availability to issue sanctions, including fixed penalty notices in line with local authorities’ codes of conduct

d. If your child remains under the care of a specialist health care professional you should discuss their care before returning to school in September, and talk to us about the situation. Where children are not able to attend school as parents are following clinical and/or public health advice, they will not be penalised. 


Travelling to School: The Government has advised walking or cycling to school wherever possible to reduce the use of public transport. If students wish to cycle they must complete the application form which can be downloaded from the school website .  Please return the form to We will then send you the registration plate for your child’s bicycle. Students must wear a bike helmet if they wish to cycle and they can store their bicycle in South Block Car Park Bike Sheds and will need to wear a face covering as they enter and leave the school site.

Traffic in the Local Area : Where possible, please avoid using Picquets Way.  It will support our social distancing practices if there is space surrounding the entry points to school and they are as free from traffic as possible. There are a number of suitable drop off points within the close vicinity of the school from which students can walk.

The A217 Southbound is currently closed and this is increasing the traffic in Tattenham Way.  Please ensure that you leave extra travelling time to ensure that your child arrives into school on time.


The North Block Car Park will be closed to cars as we will be adapting the space for the bubbles in the block. The South Block Car park will not be available for families to park in as this will now be an entry and exit point for students.  The Main Entrance car park will also be closed to families for parking.


Information About Staying In Touch


School Website: This is our main port of call for information. Please ensure that you check the website on a regular basis for the latest school news.


Parent Visits to School: Please work with us by not visiting the school site unless it is absolutely essential. If you have queries then please email or phone into the school office.


Parent and Carer Events : Until further notice all parent and carer events will take place remotely. We will inform families before each event of the key information to be able to access the meetings.

Information About Student Welfare


PPE Use by Staff: At certain times, staff will need to wear PPE which I know will look different to our students, but please reassure them that this is the right thing to be doing. 


SEND: We appreciate the challenges for all children at the moment, but we have taken careful consideration so that we support SEND students in the best way we can. Our SEND team has been discussing these approaches with students and families over the recent weeks. 


School Counselling Services: These services remain in place and we have increased our capacity to give additional support to students in the new school year.


First Aid: Each bubble will have its own first aid provision and students will be informed about how to access this on the first day of school. 


Evacuation and Fire Procedures: The muster points for evacuation of the school site will be adapted so that they fit within our bubble approach. Students will be informed of these changes on the first day of the school year and we will practise an evacuation early in the new school year.


School Behaviour Policy: Each September, I send families the school behaviour policy. It is important that you take time to read this as there will be some changes to accommodate the new way in which the school will be operating. 


Suspected Covid Symptoms : You must ensure that if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms, your child does not attend school. Any child or staff member who develops symptoms in the school day will be sent home immediately. You must follow the government guidance ‘Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection’. If anyone in your household, or your child, tests positive for COVID-19 you must inform your school immediately. 

TBS Covid Risk Assessment

Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for parents and carers to keep children safe online

Link to Guidance from the Government re keeping children safe online


Link to Guidance from the Government re schools etc and maintaining educational provision

Coronavirus letters sent by Headteacher


Key Information - this continues to be updated as the current situation develops

Communication with the School 

Please can I ask you to contact the school via the school email address which is

This account will be monitored daily and we will aim to come back to you as soon as possible. Please continue to be considerate of the fact that we are filtering our communication by urgency at this time. 

Free School Meals

We are currently using the new government scheme which is being run by Edenred.  

We are aware that the financial circumstances of many families have changed and we would like to bring the possibility of free school meals to your attention.  If you feel that you may qualify then please contact us at

Health: Children and Family Health Surrey

Students are reminded about the chat health service,  which is a confidential text service and can be contacted on 07507 329 951 and their website which is

Parent Pay: Unspent meal balances

Please be assured that unspent school meal balances for Years 11 and 13 will be  returned to your ParentPay Parent Account as part of our school closure process.  

When we know more about our length of closure we will communicate with families from other year groups. 

Safeguarding information 

While students are off site they may contact a member of the safeguarding team if they have any worries or concerns.  To do this students can email and a member of the safeguarding team will call them back.  As parents and carers if you have any concerns about a child please email us.  For urgent concerns Mrs Randall can be contacted on 07545 696376.  

Please can we take the opportunity to remind you that whilst not at school students should be practising social distancing as much as possible, they should not be congregating in groups. 

School Trips and Visits

All pending off-site trips until the end of the school year have been postponed or cancelled.