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The GCSE and A-Level Art and Photography Virtual Exhibition is now open.




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We speak to the student teacher from , whose team have won this year’s international STEM competition, and why it’s important to ‘Save Our Shores from Plastic Pollution’:




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CGTN Europe have written an article covering our 2020 International STEM Youth Competition and interviewed some of the amazing teams. Check it out here:


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Very positive reviews at the interval from students. Phenomenal performance. Thank you for making our virtual theatre trip possible!


Current House Points Totals.


Our chief engineer James from Team Amet Activists ready with our model of the amphibious vehicle for the International Youth STEM Competition run by . Finals start at 4pm today!


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So so proud of our students being part of the UK team! All the best AMet Activitists!


We look forward to seeing year 11 students at our virtual Sixth Form Transition Day tomorrow. Don't forget you need to use your school email address to access the Google Meet links! Please direct any queries to


Sixth Form Transition Day


Remember to have fun and get lost in the art making.


especially through the winter months. Do not be upset by this as it is purposeful. The slow deterioration of the art work symbolises the transition of us returning to our ‘new’ normal. Guidance on how to create your art work with be shared with you in the coming weeks.


as a community. We are asking you to paint and wrap sticks, pebbles and stones, or to create your own weaving, all with materials that you have collected or might be laying around the house. Most importantly, remember that the art work will deteriorate over time,


On our return to school these pieces of Art will be displayed in groups in different parts of the school environment. The aim of this is commemorate our resilience in coping with what we have been through and to celebrate our returning to school and resuming our lives


school Well-being project. We have all been living in unusual and often challenging circumstances. It has been hard on us all emotionally, physically and mentally. So we would like to challenge every member of the Beacon School community to create a piece of Art at home.


A Well-being Project The Beacon School key worker students have been busy in school making wrapped hangings and painting pebbles. The results of their fantastic work can be seen at the front of the main school entrance for all to see and enjoy and forms the beginning of our

Curriculum overview

Curriculum overview

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to meet the needs of all our students, so that they find learning at The Beacon School exciting, challenging and enjoyable.  High quality teaching enables the students to develop in-depth knowledge across a broad and balanced range of subject areas and achieve the highest standards.  Our aim is for the curriculum:

  • To be broad and balanced.

  • To develop every student’s core academic skills, knowledge and understanding.

  • To encourage students to enjoy learning, now and in the future so that they continue to learn throughout their lives.

  • To encourage students to always strive to achieve the very best in everything they do.

  • To ensure students have an understanding of fundamental British values, including those of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, respect and tolerance.

  • To have the knowledge, understanding and skills to be a responsible citizen and lead a successful and happy life.

  • To support and develop every individual’s interests

  • To ensure rapid academic progression towards successful school-based and public qualifications.



At The Beacon School our core values; Excellent; Respect exemplify our attitude and approach towards developing the whole child as we believe in developing their social and emotional skills and encourage them to make the most of opportunities and responsibilities so they are able to flourish in the 21st century.  Underpinned by our Core British Values, Active Tutorial is an integral part of this development.  On designated days during the school week, Registration time offers students the opportunity to widen their understanding of and access to, their own world and that of others around them.  Within the safety of a familiar group, students are encouraged to debate, reflect and respond to a variety of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.  This not only plays a significant part in developing their ability to learn and achieve, but also encourages them to become active citizens within our society. For this year’s Active Tutorial Programme click here


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