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Today The Beacon School students have spent time creating a banner to say thank you to NHS staff and Key Workers. The banner will be hung outside the school to show our support to those on the front line. 'The Beacon School says, "Thank you NHS Key Workers"


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Cake in a mug - one of many home activities to keep busy 🤓🍰


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Tops marks to for offering to help us with ID & education for any of their youngsters not adhering to guidance. Thank you


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To all our Year 13 students at - we shall miss you. We’ll help you gain the grades that the final 2 months of study would’ve allowed you to achieve. We are here to support you as you think about your next steps.


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To all our Year 11 students at - we shall miss you. We shall do all we can to help you gain the grades that the final 2 months push would’ve allowed you to achieve. Your learning isn’t wasted.


This will be our last day where the school site is open for the vast majority of students. From Friday morning the school site will be open only to children of key workers, our students with EHCPs and a small number of other students until Monday 20th April at the earliest.


School is open on Thursday and Friday for students in Year 11,12 & 13 plus children of key workers and EHCP students


The school will remain closed for all students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March 2020


Thank you for making us all smile and well done on all your hard work


Despite difficult times, one thing remains constant and that is the absolute brilliance of our students who have shown resilience, respect, collegiality and most importantly fun over the past five days.


The school will remain closed for all students in year 7 & 8 on Wednesday 18 March.


The school will be closed for all students in year 7 and year 8 on Tuesday 17 March.


Spectator sports are still happening in Dorset! Our last night sees Jack and Tom win a highly competitive fuzz ball championship 🏆


Partial closures are now highly likely. Please prepare. The current Government briefing will have major implications for our staffing availability. Please begin to make family plans for the partial closure of the school in the order I outlined in my letter home today.


Next Update:7:30am Tuesday but aiming to be fully open. Partial closures highly likely later in the week


We are fully open today but from tomorrow partial closure is now highly likely.


Our classroom this morning


The Beacon School is open as normal.


After a long day of fieldwork our Year 12s have joined forces with the other schools to play a mammoth game of hide and seek in the beautiful 19th Century

Learning Resource Centre #Imagination Station

The Beacon School’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) #Imagination Station is located on the ground floor of the Ashcroft building.  It provides a bright and spacious welcoming environment for individual study, class activities and leisure reading.

The aim of the LRC is to promote reading for pleasure and to support students and teachers with learning across the curriculum.

Opening Hours

The library is open Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.00pm,  All students are welcome before school, after school and during break and lunchtimes.  Homework club is available after school for an hour most days and students may use books and computers with a member of staff on hand to help.


There are over 18,000 books, incorporating both fiction and non-fiction and a selection of daily newspapers and periodicals.  Stock is replenished at regular intervals with current titles always in abundance.  Students are given login details when they join the school which enables them to manage their own account and write book reviews.  'Oliver' is the Library Management System which students can use to search for resources and books that they may need.  'Oliver' also holds a large database of reliable web links and other online resources to help students with their homework or information needs.

Twenty seven computers with Microsoft Office applications with access to the Internet and library printer are available during break and lunchtimes. 

Library Lessons

All students in Year 7 are timetabled for a library lesson for an hour a fortnight.  During this lesson students are shown how to use the library, learn about book stock in the library, take part in shared reading and have an opportunity to read and review their chosen books.


A wide range of activities take place in the LRC, including the Carnegie Shadowing Club,tournaments, board games, bookmark making and book quizzes.  Many in-school competitions and reading challenges run throughout the school year and we are proud that our students have gained significant recognition through national competitions.

Careers Hub

The Careers Hub is located in the middle of the LRC.  Students can access careers advice and information and make an appointment to discuss options with Mrs Cox who is also the Careers Co-ordinator.


Useful Websites

The CILIP Carnegie Children’s Book Awards

Love reading for kids

What should I read next

Booktrust Bookfinder

Reading Zone

Project Gutenberg

World Book day: Book Trailers