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If you have any offcuts, large or small please contact me, in most cases we could pick up from a local address. On behalf of our designers of the future, thank you in advance.


Help Save Our Planet In the Design & Technology department we’re running out of materials and need your help. The cost of raw materials over the last 18 months has gone through the roof. We are in desperate need of timber (pine or any hardwood), sheets of MDF and/or plywood.


The project’s aim is to raise awareness of Polio in developing countries. Thanks to all involved!


Community Work with the Rotary Club A big thanks to the Year 8 students involved in a local Rotary Club project. They planted crocus corms on Tattenham Village Green and were a credit to themselves and the school.


Congratulations to Shaylyn who received player of the match.


Get defending in the third quarter by Daisy and Loulou allowed the girls to keep their lead going into the final quarter. As the light faded Carrington started to find their rhythm and scored a last- minute goal to end the game with a draw. The final score was 5-5.


The Beacon trailed by one goal going into the second quarter but came out fast with Sofia scoring the equaliser. The match was end to end but The Beacon managed to go into the half time break one goal up.


Year 8 Netball Beacon 5 - Carrington 5 Back toNews List The girls travelled away to Carrington for their second fixture in 7 days. The match was very close from off with both teams battling for every ball.


As the light faded The Beacon started to tire and Carrington went into the lead. The final score was 6-3. Well played to all girls who showed fantastic resilience until the final whistle. Congratulations to Imogen who received girl of the game.


Both teams started to find their rhythm as time went on but there was still nothing to sperate the two sides with the score 2-2 at then end of the second half, everything was still to play for.


Year 7 Netball Beacon 3 - Carrington 6 The girls travelled away to Carrington for their second away fixture of the season. Both teams were evenly matched with the score going into the first half break all square at 0-0.


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We are proud of all of our young people but thank you to these students in particular. What a lovely act of kindness.


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Our Donation Week next week . If you are a crafter then homemade is great. If not shop bought is perfect. Thank you for supporting


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Please vote for The Rotary Club Of Banstead charity no. 1029532 & choose Community!


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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Extended Project Qualifications (EPQ) are project based qualifications that are completed on top of your other A Levels.  To find out more please look at the information provided below.

EPQ Information

On Thursday 13th May, Year 12 and 13 students presented their EPQ research that they have undertaken over the last two years.

Alex - The impact of Covid-19 on education

Alex looked into The impact of Covid-19 on education and highlighted students and teacher perceptions of impact of the pandemic including the benefits that have arisen.

Reflecting on the experience Alex said: “If you're undertaking primary research (questionnaires, etc.) do it as soon as possible.  For me, organising the distribution of my survey took almost a month (within the school), therefore I've learned that organisation and discipline is key to staying on top of something. I've also learned that I find it difficult to use objective language and it's something I need to work on.”

Alex's Presentation

Olivia - The mysterious affair of the continued popularity of Agatha Christie

Olivia chose to do further research on one of her favourite childhood series of books and look at the popularity of Agatha Christie novels in modern society.  Her presentation helped the audience learn more about the author and the immense impact she had on female author recognition across the globe.

Olivia's Presentation

Rae - An evaluation of the current and experimental methods of plastic pollution cleaning technology

Rae from Year 12, shared the above project and has the following advice for future students: “If I had to give one piece of advice about the EPQ is make sure you’re organised.  Nobody chases you so you really learn how to manage your own time.”

Rae's Presentation

Eloise - Is it possible for those convicted of terrorism offences to be rehabilitated and successfully returned to society

Eloise in Year 13 had chosen to research if terror offenders could be successfully rehabilitated back into society.  It caused discussion in the audience and was a thought-provoking topic.

Eloise's Presentation

Evie - An investigation into the past, present and future uses of HeLa cells in medicine

Lastly, we had Evie‘s research into HeLa Cells and their use in research as well as the medical ethical issues that arise.  Her presentation highlights the racial and gender injustices that can occur in the medical field and the importance of educating ourselves on these.

Evie's Presentation

We are extremely proud of the students, parents and carers for all their hard work especially during a pandemic.

We look forward to next year’s cohort.

For more information, please contact Miss Banda, Head of Science