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Latest update on Covid symptoms.


This weeks Newsletter


Retweeted From The Children's Trust

What an incredible announcement! 🤩 We can't wait! Visit Crowdfunder for more info and to book your tickets:


Well done everyone fantastic start


Please can all Parents and Carers avoid parking on Picquets Way when picking up students this afternoon. Thanks.


What a fantastic start to the new school year by all the students this morning.🎉👏


Message from The Beacon School PE Department


Good luck to everyone getting their results today. 🤞


Retweeted From GLF Schools

A late night shout out to the team of exams officers, & their direct colleagues, across our secondary schools - thanks for all your fabulous work in the most difficult circumstances. We are truly grateful.


Good luck to everyone getting their results today. 🤞


Amazing local charity releases a single.


Final House Points Totals. Well done Explorer. 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉


The GCSE and A-Level Art and Photography Virtual Exhibition is now open.




Retweeted From BBC Woman's Hour

We speak to the student teacher from , whose team have won this year’s international STEM competition, and why it’s important to ‘Save Our Shores from Plastic Pollution’:



Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

Question: What does a typical school day look like?



8:35 – 9:35

Period 1

9:35 – 10:35

Period 2

10:35 – 10:55


10:55 – 11:55

Period 3

11:55 – 12:55

Period 4

12:55 – 13:40


13:40 – 14:40

Period 5

14:40 – 15:00

Active tutorial


End of school day  

Question: Will I be with the same class for all subjects and will I have a different teacher for each subject?

Yes, unlike primary school, you will have a different teacher for each of your subjects.  Teachers usually specialise in one or two subjects and they will be able to use their expert knowledge to help you to learn and understand the curriculum.  However, you will not always have the same people in all of your classes but there will usually be similar faces. 

Question: Will we know our class and teacher before we start at The Beacon?

On your first full day at school you will receive your timetable which will tell you which classes and which teachers you will have.  You will however find out who your Form Tutor is before you arrive and we are looking at ways in which you may be able to meet them virtually. 

Question: What is the lunch food like and how much does it cost?

The food at the school is excellent with a range of dishes and snacks to suit all tastes. Please take a look at the ‘Cucina – school catering’ section on the school website to look at a typical menu and prices.

Question: When are we going to find out what form and which house we are in?

You will find out which House you have been allocated by 22nd June.  A couple of weeks after that you will be informed of the form group that you will also be a part of.

Question: Do you have an athletics club and can you take part in athletic competitions?

We have a range of clubs that you can take part in including many sports ones.  We do have an athletics club in the summer term and we do compete against other schools in our borough.  Clubs run after school and finish around 4pm.  The clubs will be advertised around the school and through your form tutor.

Question: Will I have anyone from my school in my class?

It is likely that you will be in the same form group as someone else from your primary school.  As part of the transition process we work very closely with our feeder schools and allocate students to form groups based on a variety of reasons.  If you are not in the same form group or class as one of your friends, remember you will always be able to see them at break time or lunch time.

Question: Do I need to have Excel/Word/Powerpoint on my computer?  Is homework completed on a computer and sent in online or handwritten?

There is not usually one set way that homework is required to be completed.  Most homework will be completed in your exercise books.  However, some students do choose to type their homework and stick the work in their book.  Your teacher will always tell you what your homework is and how it is to be completed.  It is not an expectation that you have any particular computer package on your home computer.

Question: What colour trainers should we wear for PE? Do we need any other sports equipment other than trainers for example football boots, shin pads, mouth guards?

For PE, the colour of your trainers is up to you - as there is no set colour needed. We do however ask that trainers are suitable for sports and not fashion trainers i.e. converse. This is so that they provide adequate support when running. Football boots with studs as well as other sport specific equipment is also strongly advisable.

Question: Due to the current situation will we have our thumb scanned so we can buy lunch on our first day or should we bring in money?

As advice continues to change we will monitor this and decide in September about thumb prints. We are a cashless school therefore please use ParentPay to top up your funds in the normal way and if thumbs prints are not used then an alternative method will be found.  Further information regarding this will be sent out shortly.

Question: When I arrive on my first day where do I go?  Do I wait in reception?

Please come to the main reception where you will be met and directed in the right direction.  We look forward to welcoming you,  

Question: Do you provide music lessons and how do we sign up for this?

We offer a variety of instrumental lessons, information of which, including prices and application form can be found on the school website.  We hope to run these again in September but we are currently waiting on confirmation.

Question: When will we receive login details for ParentPay?

Letters containing your unique login details will be sent out towards the end of the summer term.

Question: When will I found out if I am in X Band or Y Band?

Please take a look at the ‘Transition’ presentation which details this information. The link to this can be found here.

Updated 16/07/2020