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To all our Year 13 students at - we shall miss you. We’ll help you gain the grades that the final 2 months of study would’ve allowed you to achieve. We are here to support you as you think about your next steps.


Retweeted From Jon Chaloner

To all our Year 11 students at - we shall miss you. We shall do all we can to help you gain the grades that the final 2 months push would’ve allowed you to achieve. Your learning isn’t wasted.


This will be our last day where the school site is open for the vast majority of students. From Friday morning the school site will be open only to children of key workers, our students with EHCPs and a small number of other students until Monday 20th April at the earliest.


School is open on Thursday and Friday for students in Year 11,12 & 13 plus children of key workers and EHCP students


The school will remain closed for all students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March 2020


Thank you for making us all smile and well done on all your hard work


Despite difficult times, one thing remains constant and that is the absolute brilliance of our students who have shown resilience, respect, collegiality and most importantly fun over the past five days.


The school will remain closed for all students in year 7 & 8 on Wednesday 18 March.


The school will be closed for all students in year 7 and year 8 on Tuesday 17 March.


Spectator sports are still happening in Dorset! Our last night sees Jack and Tom win a highly competitive fuzz ball championship 🏆


Partial closures are now highly likely. Please prepare. The current Government briefing will have major implications for our staffing availability. Please begin to make family plans for the partial closure of the school in the order I outlined in my letter home today.


Next Update:7:30am Tuesday but aiming to be fully open. Partial closures highly likely later in the week


We are fully open today but from tomorrow partial closure is now highly likely.


Our classroom this morning


The Beacon School is open as normal.


After a long day of fieldwork our Year 12s have joined forces with the other schools to play a mammoth game of hide and seek in the beautiful 19th Century


A trip to Dorset wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Stair Hole, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door


Believe it or not, this morning we are investigating the carbon footprint of trees and our environmental impact


It’s 10.30pm and all the students have decided on an individual investigation .


Testing the model of sand dune succession

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

The Beacon School is committed to providing students with high quality Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) regarding education pathways, apprenticeships and careers.

We aim to help students make informed decisions at key times in their education, for example with option choices in Year 8, post 16 plans and support in Year 11, Year 12 and 13 as they plan for university or working life.  In addition to dedicated careers input for all year groups, the school’s CEIAG programme includes interaction with universities, the local and wider business community.  Year 12 students have the opportunity to complete a one week work experience placement.

Careers Policy Statement on Provider Access

Careers Opportunities Map for all year groups

Careers support and advice is available from the Careers Hub in the LRC.

Additional support is available using various ICT programmes and websites and the use of simple psychometric assessments.  Students are able to access Fast Tomato which tailors career and course suggestions.

Any enquiries please contact::

Mrs Sara Cox  Careers Co-ordinator

Telephone: 01737 359103 ext: 1608.  Email:

Careers Guidance Websites

U-Explore is an independent and impartial online careers platform which provides students with an intuitive careers guidance search engine and personal profile builder. Schools can access a wide range of teaching resources plus data to evidence student progress.


Fast Tomato has been designed to help young people broaden their horizons and consider a broader spectrum of career and education options. Students take a short psychometric questionnaire which gauges interests, attitudes and motivations. They are then offered career and education suggestions, personalised to them.

Fast Tomato


Useful Publications

Guide to Apprenticeships

School Leavers Guide

Useful Links

The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities.  The service offers confidential and impartial advice.  This is supported by qualified careers advisers.

National Careers Service

Start is a free and comprehensive digital platform, offering schools and colleges a single starting point to help simplify and improve careers guidance in schools.

Start - Careers Advice Website

At AllAboutSchoolLeavers, our mission is clear: we help school leavers get jobs and understand the career paths available to them. Here at the home of school leaver jobs, you’ll find everything from current apprenticeships and school leaver programme opportunities, to the latest school leaver job news, and advice to help guide you on your career journey.

School Leaver Opportunities

The UK’s national volunteering database, makes it easy for anyone to volunteer in their community.

Volunteer Vacancies

UCAS advice on apprenticeships - Choosing the right apprenticeship is important – read their advice on how to find the perfect one.

UCAS Apprenticeship Advice

Find an apprenticeship through the .Gov UK website via the link below.


Amazing Apprenticeships is a website to make it easy for teachers and careers advisers to access the latest information about apprenticeships.

Amazing Apprenticeships

icould is a small, dynamic charity, providing career inspiration and information for young people. We show what is possible in work and offer different ways to think about careers through free access to over 1000 personal video stories, detailed job information, plus practical tips, insight and advice.

Career Ideas

Baker Dearing Educational Trust - Provides information on University Technical Colleges.

Baker Dearing Educational Trust

Career Development Institute - The Career Development Institute is the single UK-wide professional body for everyone working in the fields of careers education, career information, advice and guidance, career coaching, career consultancy and career management.

Career Development Institute

STEM Associations - A nationwide network of over 30,000 volunteers from a wide range of employers, who engage with young people to provide stimulating and inspirational informal leaving activities in both school and non-school settings.

STEM Associations

Your Life App - Informs and inspires young people by giving them the opportunity to discover hundreds of varied career options.

Your Life App