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Sunny day at the courts


Y12 law students looking forward to a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey.


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OMG I got homemade cupcakes off some gorgeous book clubbers at ! If this is what being a writer means then bring it on!


Year 7 continued to impress the art department with their production of wild and wonderful rainforest creatures. The majority of students have been awarded an array of Beacon proud points. The Headteacher will also be awarding a selection of students a headteacher commendation


The Design and Technology department has just received new MIG welder. The welder was provided to us by SGN southern gas networks. The welding equipment was requested by the BFA and we will use it in support of their forthcoming projects.


RECRUITMENT We are looking to recruit a School Nurse, This position calls for a suitably experienced and qualified nurse. It is a permanent, term-time only role. If you would be interested please follow the link below.


Current House Points Totals


Rotary Young Chef Competition - heat winner Following her success as winner of the first round of the Rotary Young Chef Competition in the local heats, we would like to wish Georgia in Year 10 the best of luck as she enters the 2nd round in the district competition on Saturday.


Well Done 👏👏👏 Loving your work. 😍 Always good to see a former student doing well.


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If you work with young people and have an concern, speak to one of our heroes over at the - they're here to help


Current House Points Totals.


We Support the Red Box Project


DT catch-up club for KS3 projects started last term.


Current House Points Totals.


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Our 2nd Debate Higher session is underway! We are at learning about argument & persuasion from the wonderful Ruth Tweedale, a senior lecturer in the Law dept. Welcome


Happy New Year to you all. We have some fantastic news to share with you, Phase Two is now complete! Prior to Christmas, we had the new carpet laid and Tuesday saw the installation of the new library shelving. I am so pleased to say we are so nearly there.

Beacon Friends' Association (BFA)

BFA ORANGE PNGThe Beacon Friends' Association (BFA) is our exciting Home, School and Community initiative. Our purpose is simple:


The BFA aims to do this in 2 ways:

  1. By developing effective relationships between staff and parents and others associated with the school
  2. By engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school and enhance the education of students

How did the BFA evolve?

At the beginning of the 2018/19 academic year, Headteacher Keith Batchelor asked Paula Ghinn, our first School Ambassador to lead a project looking at parental engagement. In the first term, time was spent looking at the various threads of the project, combining feedback from parents, staff and working with the BPA who were our existing Parent Teacher Association.

The outcome

Is a new way of doing things at The Beacon. A new approach with our whole school community at the heart of what we do.

Everyone – parents, carers, staff – become members of the BFA when they join the school. All existing parents and carers are automatically members, as well as exist teaching and support staff.

When your child joins The Beacon, you do too. We are working with you from Day 1.

When you join as a staff member, you join a supportive community of other staff members, parents and carers with a shared vision to advance the education of our children and young adults.

The rationale

Schools have long acknowledged that parental engagement plays a vital role in their students’ education. John Hattie’s ‘Visible Learning’ book stated, “the effect of parental engagement over a student’s school career is equivalent to adding 2 to 3 years to that student’s education.”

Getting involved helps our children, supports our staff and positively influences the ethos and culture of our school.

How does the BFA work?

Email the BFA