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Massive well done to the Lionesses A huge step forward for Womens football European Champions 2022


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Current House Points Totals Well Done Discovery!!


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This week’s newsletter.


This is a market visit followed by lunch on Sword Beach.


This week's newsletter.


Congratulations to all our ball boys representing the Beacon school at Wimbledon this year.


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Bring down your entries to the Art Department and hand them over to Mrs Barnwell, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Thorne, or Mrs Wellburn. Good luck, enjoy and we look forward to receiving your entries soon.


See the attached sheet for full details and some ideas on what your own personal shoe box gallery may look like. Prizes will be awarded for the best entries across all GLF schools. The deadline for the submission of entries is Monday 11th July.


Year 7 and 8 GLF Art and Design competition GLF and The Beacon School would like to invite you to enter an exciting Art competition. We would like you to design your own Shoe Box Art Gallery.


This Weeks Newsletter


Music exam requirements


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What a day! Our Y7 A&B teams got to play at Stamford Bridge as part of the tournament. The B team reached the 1/4 finals and our A team were runners up after losing the final on penalties. What an experience! Congratulations to


This Weeks Newsletter


Current House Points Totals

Posted on: 21/07/2022


House Competition

Well done to Discovery house for their winning banner for Sports Day. Every house was given two plain bedsheets to decorate and motivate their house during the big event. Discovery house went for a disco theme using glitter to enhance their ideas. Well done to all involved, we were very impressed! An extra 200 house points has been added to Discovery house.  

Well done to Brody B who was in charge of the design of this fabulous Sports Day banner and Jamie S who helped with the painting. Great work!


Bursary Grant Accepted

Congratulations to Evie who applied for the GLF bursary funding to support her recent interest in golf. She was using her grandmother’s old clubs which were in need of replacing. GLF reviewed her application and could see that Evie is already a high achieving basketball athlete with lots of potential. Supplying Evie with new golf clubs provided an opportunity to further this interest and enable her to compete in future golf tournaments. Good luck Evie, keep us updated with your progress!


House Dance Competition and Reward

Well done to all students who participated in the house dance competition. Due to challenging circumstances some houses merged together and we were presented with a Discovery performance and a mixed house performance. Both were exceptional and captured the theme ‘dance through the decades’. All houses gained were awarded an extra 100 points for their overall performance. 


Textile Design

Year 9 have been working on a Graffiti project in Textile Design this term where we have been taking inspiration from street art and graffiti, as well as fashion design. Our final outcome will be to design and construct a bucket hat inspired by graffiti using different printing methods. Well done Year 9, we can’t wait to see your finished hats! 


Design and Technology

So it begins! - Our Year 10 students have started their NEA major projects for GCSE. The exam board has given them a challenge that they should be well prepared for, Working & Studying from Home.

The majority of our students are making really good progress and some are well on the way to finishing Section A.

It is recommended that Section A is finished over the holidays as all three groups will be starting Section B in the first lesson back.

There has been a wide range of interesting and creative ideas generated already. These have included various imaginative designs for new worktables, seating and task lights.

Can I take this opportunity to remind parents/carers of students currently working on their final projects that we can only supply a limited range of materials. For larger final products we would ask you to source the materials yourself or make a contribution to the cost so they can be delivered to the school. 


Food Preparation and Nutrition

Last week we made choux pastry. This is very tricky and can easily go wrong but year 9 rose to the challenge and so did their profiteroles.

Star bakers this week were Connor, Daniel and Charlie for their enormous profiteroles. More like Elephant's feet choux buns. Delicious. Also worthy of note, is Eleanor for her perfect profiteroles. Well done.

This term we have been making rough puff pastry and mayonnaise from scratch.

Star bakers were Kieran for her sweet vol au vents. (she does not like mayonnaise).

Hallie for her tandoori chicken and mayonnaise vol au vents.

Bertie for his cheese, celery and mayonnaise vol au vents. This requires a high level of skill and all 3 did a tremendous job. Well done.

Year 7 students have been working on how to make snacks more healthy for children. They had to come up with their own dish and create the packaging for it. Leila made blueberry and banana muffins using wholemeal flour. She then made eye-catching packaging where she added all the relevant information about her product. Toby made muffins and added an orange test to the top . Amie made a  fruit sushi platter.All the students did an amazing job. Well done year 7.



Luke J (Year 10) won the Surrey Schools Championships at Purley Downs Golf Course last week. Luke played against a strong field to take the title for Beacon. Luke is an incredibly talented golfer and one to look out for in the future. Well done Luke


Sports Day

Sports day 2022 was split over two days this year due to the hot weather. Both days were incredibly well received by the Beacon students and staff who did a mixture of classroom activities, benchball, classic events and retro sports events. All students conducted themselves in a superb way throughout both days and competed to such high standards. We now have Beacon school records for sports day of which students will be placed on a hall of fame within the PE department. 

Some highlights were:


Year 10    

Stanley T: Discus - 30.70m

Lola D: 100m - 14.80s


Year 9

Evie P: Javelin - 23.50m

Thomas B: 800m - 2.18.60s


Year 8

Vanessa H: 100m - 13.70s

Kie A: 200m - 28.56s


Year 7

George S: 100m - 14.00s

Iryna H: Discus - 16.02m

Well done to all and thank you to tutors and staff who supported the day(s)