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Supporting our community – we are very pleased to have helped The Beacon School with their IT Appeal – Please join us and give your support


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would you be able to share so that we can reach school leavers/ ex-students / any young people who may want to join as part of their home learning? Classes are free to join. Thank you!!


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You might like this page about her


We're celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Gladys West is an American mathematician known for her contributions to the mathematics underpinning GPS. Her contributions to GPS were only uncovered when a member of her sorority.


Jointly with William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura. She is the first Chinese Nobel Laureate in physiology or medicine, and the first female citizen of the People’s Republic of China to receive a Nobel Prize in any category.


Her discovery was a significant breakthrough in 20th-century tropical medicine, saving millions of lives around the world. For her work, Tu received the 2011 Lasker Award in clinical medicine and the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. #WomenInScience


We're celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Tu Youyou is a Chinese pharmaceutical chemist and educator. She discovered artemisinin (also known as qinghaosu) and dihydroartemisinin, drugs used to treat malaria.


She was the first Saudi woman to be accepted at Cambridge University to study the field of biotechnology, and the first woman from any of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf to complete a doctoral degree in the field.


She was ranked by Arabian Business magazine as the 19th most influential Arab in the world and the ninth most influential Arab woman. Sindi has a PhD in biotechnology from Newnham College, Cambridge, which she obtained in 2001;


We're celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Dr Hayat Sindi was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and is one of the world’s leading biotechnologists. She is the Founder and President of the i2 Institute and co-founder of Diagnostics For All.


BRCK was formed to realize a vision for enabling communication in low infrastructure environments by developing, innovative technologies. Juliana also co-founded Ushahidi Inc, a non-profit tech company, which specializes in developing free and open-source software


We're celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Juliana Rotich is a technologist, strategic advisor, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. She is co-founder of BRCK Inc, a hardware and services technology company based in Kenya.


The Brazilian government in 2006 enacted a law now known as the Maria da Penha Law on Domestic and Family Violence, which increased the severity of punishment for domestic violence against women, whenever it occurred in a domestic or family environment.


When Maria da Penha was almost killed by her husband, there wasn’t a single police station she could go to in Brazil that specialized in violence against women. The case Maria filed languished in court for two decades, while her husband remained free.


  • Senior Leadership Team
    • Mr K Batchelor


      Mr K Batchelor
    • Mr P Cuthbert

      Deputy Headteacher

      Mr P Cuthbert
    • Mr J Lindsay-Charlton

      Assistant Headteacher, Upper School

      Mr J Lindsay-Charlton
    • Ms K Marrill

      Deputy Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

      Deputy Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

      Ms K Marrill
    • Mr C Mitchell

      Deputy Headteacher

      Deputy Headteacher

      Mr C Mitchell
    • Mr G Newton

      Assistant Headteacher of Lower School

      Assistant Headteacher of Lower School

      Mr G Newton
  • Teaching Staff
    • Mrs M Anderson

      Teacher of Religious Studies

      Teacher of Religious Studies

      Mrs M Anderson
    • Mrs S Ball

      Faculty Lead for Melroy

      Mrs S Ball
    • Miss T Banda

      Faculty Leader for Science

      Miss T Banda
    • Mrs C Barker

      Teacher of Geography

      Mrs C Barker
    • Mr M Barnard

      Teacher of Physical Education + Deputy Year Leader

      Mr M Barnard
    • Mrs C Barnwell

      Subject Leader for Art & Photography

      Mrs C Barnwell
    • Miss G Barroll Brown

      Head of Sixth Form

      Miss G Barroll Brown
    • Ms A Beagley

      Teacher of Music

      Ms A Beagley
    • Mr J Becker

      Teacher of Media and Film Studies

      Mr J Becker
    • Mr J Bell

      Raising Standards Leader (Eng)

      Mr J Bell
    • Mrs L Bennet

      Year 7 Leader

      Year 7 Leader, Teacher of English

      Mrs L Bennet
    • Miss E Bray

      Teacher of English

      Miss E Bray
    • Miss F Brennan

      Teacher of Design & Technology

      Miss F Brennan
    • Mr R Brewster

      Teacher of PE

      Mr R Brewster
    • Miss M Brown

      KS3 Leader in English + Leadership Support Staff in English

      Miss M Brown
    • Mrs S Burge

      Faculty Lead for Young (Ebbac subjects)

      Mrs S Burge
    • Ms S Byrne

      Faculty Lead Maths

      Ms S Byrne
    • Mr J Charatan

      Teacher of MFL

      Mr J Charatan
    • Mr S Clenaghan

      Teacher of History + Deputy Year 10 Leader

      Teacher of History and Deputy Year 10 Leader

      Mr S Clenaghan
    • Mrs S Colquhoun

      Teacher of Geography

      Teacher of Geography

      Mrs S Colquhoun
    • Mrs S Connolly-Webb

      Teacher of Mathematics

      Teacher of Mathematics

      Mrs S Connolly-Webb
    • Mrs K Cook

      Whole School Raising Standards Leader (English)

      Mrs K Cook
    • Mr J Davis

      Teacher of History

      Mr J Davis
    • Mr R Davis

      Subject Leader for Music

      Mr R Davis
    • Miss L Day

      Teacher of Science

      Miss L Day
    • Miss S Day

      Deputy Subject Leader for PE + Head of House

      Miss S Day
    • Mrs G DeAntiquis Woods

      Subject Leader for MFL

      Mrs G DeAntiquis Woods
    • Mrs K Donohue

      Teacher of Geography (KS3 coordinator)

      Mrs K Donohue
    • Miss S Durham

      Teacher of Computing

      Miss S Durham
    • Mrs K Dutia

      Faculty Lead Maths

      Mrs K Dutia
    • Mr D Dutt

      Subject Leader for Psychology + Deputy Head of Sixth Form

      Mr D Dutt
    • Mrs E Edwards

      Faculty Lead for Student Support

      Faculty Lead for Student Support

      Mrs E Edwards
    • Mrs H Edwards

      Teacher of Sociology + Assistant SENCO

      Mrs H Edwards
    • Mr H Emoni

      Raising Standards Leader - Whole School

      Mr H Emoni
    • Ms H Fear

      Faculty Lead English

      Ms H Fear
    • Miss L Fernandez

      Deputy Subject Leader for English

      Miss L Fernandez
    • Miss M Flynn

      Year 10 Leader

      Year 10 Leader, Teacher of Performing Arts

      Miss M Flynn
    • Mr T Gardner

      Teacher of Physical Education + Acting Deputy Subject Leader for PE

      Mr T Gardner
    • Miss T Gell-Nogueira

      Year 9 Leader

      Year 9 Leader, Teacher of English

      Miss T Gell-Nogueira
    • Miss A Grafham

      Teacher of English

      Teacher of English

      Miss A Grafham
    • Mrs L Harold

      Teacher of Design and Technology

      Teacher of Design & Technology

      Mrs L Harold
    • Ms C Hider

      Year 10 Leader

      Year 10 Leader, Teacher of Drama

      Ms C Hider
    • Mr R Howell

      Teacher of Science

      Teacher of Science

      Mr R Howell
    • Mrs S Hughes-Leaver

      Faculty Leader for Wilson

      Mrs S Hughes-Leaver
    • Mrs A Ittensohn

      Teacher of Mathematics

      Teacher of Maths

      Mrs A Ittensohn
    • Mrs A Jenkins

      Teacher of Mathematics

      Mrs A Jenkins
    • Ms J Joannou

      Cover Teaching Staff

      Ms J Joannou
    • Mrs R Jones

      Teacher of English

      Mrs R Jones
    • Mrs C Joyce

      Teacher of Further Mathematics

      Mrs C Joyce
    • Miss V Kallman

      Teacher of Design & Technology

      Miss V Kallman
    • Mr I Keeling

      Teacher of Science

      Teacher of Science

      Mr I Keeling
    • Mr M Khara

      Teacher of Science - Physics

      Mr M Khara
    • Ms L Killgren

      Teacher of English

      Ms L Killgren
    • Mrs B Lapham

      Teacher of MFL

      Mrs B Lapham
    • Miss P Lavey

      Teacher of Drama + Deputy Year Leader for Year 8

      Miss P Lavey
    • Mr D Lewis

      Raising Standards Leader for Mathematics

      Mr D Lewis
    • Mrs B Little

      Teacher of Mathematics

      Mrs B Little
    • Mrs A Mackenzie

      Teacher of History

      Mrs A Mackenzie
    • Miss K Maher

      Leading Practitioner of English

      Miss K Maher
    • Mr J Martin

      Whole School Raising Standards Leader (Year 10)

      Mr J Martin
    • Mrs N Masson


      Mrs N Masson
    • Ms Z Massoudi

      Teacher of Mathematics

      Ms Z Massoudi
    • Mr D McCormack

      Teacher of Physical Education

      Mr D McCormack
    • Mr L McSweeney-Terry

      Teacher of Computing

      Mr L McSweeney-Terry
    • Mr P Molyneux

      Teacher of Film Studies + English and Coordinator for Media & Film

      Mr P Molyneux
    • Mr A Montebello

      Teacher of MFL (Spanish)

      Mr A Montebello
    • Miss I Moss

      Teacher of Sociology + Citizenship Leader

      Miss I Moss
    • Mr A Nairn

      Year 8 Leader

      Year 8 Leader, Teacher of English

      Mr A Nairn
    • Mrs P Newton

      Teacher of Mathematics + KS3 Coordinator for Maths

      Mrs P Newton
    • Mr R O'Hanlon

      Teacher of Geography + Deputy Year Leader

      Mr R O'Hanlon
    • Mrs P Patel

      Raising Standards Leader for Mathematics

      Mrs P Patel
    • Mr G Preen

      Teacher of Science

      Mr G Preen
    • Miss T Pydiah

      Teacher of Sociology and Health & Social Care

      Miss T Pydiah
    • Mrs G Quinn

      Teacher of Art

      Mrs G Quinn
    • Mrs G Rennie

      Whole School Learning & Teaching Lead Practitioner

      Mrs G Rennie
    • Ms E Ricketts

      Subject Leader for English

      Ms E Ricketts
    • Mrs J Ronan

      Teacher of Science

      Mrs J Ronan
    • Ms N Sadiq

      Deputy Subject Leader for Science

      Ms N Sadiq
    • Miss E Scott

      Teacher of Design & Technology

      Miss E Scott
    • Miss D Seddon

      Teacher of Physical Education + Head of House for Endeavour

      Miss D Seddon
    • Miss L Sharkey

      Teacher of History

      Miss L Sharkey
    • Mrs G Smith

      Teacher of Science

      Mrs G Smith
    • Mrs K Southby

      Deputy Subject Leader Maths

      Mrs K Southby
    • Mrs P Sukumaran

      Teacher of Science

      Mrs P Sukumaran
    • Mr C Sullivan

      Teacher of Science

      Mr C Sullivan
    • Miss S Taitt

      Teacher of Design & Technology

      Miss S Taitt
    • Mr P Templeman

      Subject Leader for Design & Technology

      Mr P Templeman
    • Mr A Thirkill

      Whole School Raising Standards Leader (Pupil Premium)

      Mr A Thirkill
    • Mrs E Thorne

      Teacher of Art & Photography + Assistant SENCO

      Mrs E Thorne
    • Mr J Tyson

      Faculty Lead for Collins

      Mr J Tyson
    • Mr K Varma

      Teacher of Mathematics

      Mr K Varma
    • Mrs K Waldon

      Teacher of History; Year 8 Leader

      Mrs K Waldon
    • Miss A Walsh

      Teacher of Dance and Health & Social Care + Deputy Year Leader for Year 7

      Miss A Walsh
    • Mrs R Wellburn

      Teacher of Design & Technology

      Mrs R Wellburn
    • Miss J White

      Teacher of Drama

      Miss J White
    • Mr S Williams

      Teacher of Mathematics

      Mr S Williams
  • Associate Staff
    • Mrs T Adams

      Teaching Assistant (SEN)

      Mrs T Adams
    • Mrs K Bartlett

      Teaching Assistant

      Mrs K Bartlett
    • Mr S Boeje

      Teaching Assistant

      Mr S Boeje
    • Mr H Brookmyre

      Teaching Assistant

      Mr H Brookmyre
    • Mrs S Capon

      HR Officer

      Mrs S Capon
    • Mrs S Cox

      Learning Resources Manager

      Mrs S Cox
    • Mrs D Cummings

      Cover Supervisor

      Mrs D Cummings
    • Mrs P Day

      Examinations Officer

      Mrs P Day
    • Mrs H Dyer


      Mrs H Dyer
    • Miss T Ewart

      Teaching Assistant

      Miss T Ewart
    • Mrs L Flower

      Teaching Assistant

      Mrs L Flower
    • Mrs K Frost

      Associate Staff - First Aid & Reprographics

      Associate Staff - First Aid & Reprographics

      Mrs K Frost
    • Mr C Gadd

      Assistant Premises Manager

      Mr C Gadd
    • Mrs S Gill

      TA (HLTA) - Inclusion

      Mrs S Gill
    • Mrs L Gillam

      Teaching Assistant 1:1

      Mrs L Gillam
    • Mr G Gregory

      Technology Technician

      Mr G Gregory
    • Miss L Hardie

      Teaching Assistant

      Miss L Hardie
    • Miss M Haynes

      Attendance Officer

      Miss M Haynes
    • Mrs A Hopwood

      Media Technician

      Mrs A Hopwood
    • Mrs P Johnson

      TA (HLTA) Inclusion

      Mrs P Johnson
    • Miss A Laney

      Teaching Assistant

      Miss A Laney
    • Mrs H Lewis

      GLF Regional Finance Team (central)

      Mrs H Lewis
    • Mrs P Mackenzie

      Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

      Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

      Mrs P Mackenzie
    • Mrs J Mander

      Student Support Staff Manager + Deputy DSL

      Mrs J Mander
    • Mrs T Mann

      Administrative Assistant - Subject Support

      Administrative Assistant - Subject Support

      Mrs T Mann
    • Mrs J Nicholson

      Administration & Communication Lead

      Mrs J Nicholson
    • Mrs D Nixon

      DT Technician

      Mrs D Nixon
    • Mrs J Pearson

      Teaching Assistant

      Mrs J Pearson
    • Miss E Piper

      GLF Regional Finance Team (central)

      Miss E Piper
    • Mrs G Powell

      Senior Science Technician

      Mrs G Powell
    • Mr K Powell

      Minibus driver/caretaker

      Mr K Powell
    • Ms K Randall

      Head of Inclusionr; Deputy DSL

      Ms K Randall
    • Mrs N Rees

      Data Officer

      Mrs N Rees
    • Mrs M Roots-Smith

      PA to the Headteacher

      Mrs M Roots-Smith
    • Mrs D Rumbol

      Administration Assistant - SLT Support Staff and SEND

      Mrs D Rumbol
    • Mrs J Shepherd

      Catering Assistant

      Mrs J Shepherd
    • Mrs S Sheppard

      Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

      Mrs S Sheppard
    • Mrs G Stalley

      Science Technician

      Mrs G Stalley
    • Mrs C Taylor

      Teaching Assistant

      Mrs C Taylor
    • Mr O Thomas

      Student Support Staff Manager + Home School Link Worker + Deputy DSL

      Mr O Thomas
    • Mrs J Took

      Sixth Form Administrator, Receptionist

      Mrs J Took
    • Ms D Turner

      Science Technidian

      Ms D Turner
    • Mrs K Wahid

      Technician - Science

      Mrs K Wahid
    • Mr J Walker

      Premises Manager

      Mr J Walker
    • Mr J Ward

      Residential Caretaker

      Mr J Ward
    • Mrs S Stone

      Teaching Assistant

      Teaching Assistant

      Mrs S Stone