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The Beacon Singers is our non-audition choir, open to all students from Years 7-13. Rehearsals start tomorrow after school 3:15pm-4:15pm. Whether you're new to the school, a choir regular or returning after a short break, see you in the Music Dept tomorrow!


We are continuing to run our comic release scheme, in aid of the . If you have any comics or teenage magazines that you no longer want, can you please bring them to the Main Office. All donations must be in good condition and free of graffiti.


The Beacon School are continuing to collect used postage stamps, in aid of ‘Against Breast Cancer’. Last year we collected 5829 used postage stamps, and thank you to all those who very donated their stamps. Could the envelopes be handed into the Main Office.


A great day out spent with the A Level Art and Photography students at the Tate Modern.


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Massive thanks for helping us to donate £500 to enable a disabled pupil to have intensive physiotherapy sessions! RT pls


School production auditions.


Teams needed for the quiz night.


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Breaking News - we have been selected as a local good cause in Waitrose Banstead. Don't forget to add your tokens in our slot when you shop


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Our new long awaited proper restaurant is looking absolutely fabulous. we are VERY


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To all our Beacon families in the Tadworth/Preston area - don’t forget the Preston Community Event on Saturday 14th September.


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Early start for Hannah - but worth it as she achieved three 9s in her GCSE results. Well done and to Lara who also got three 9s


GCSE Results, best ever top grades - GCSE Results, best ever top grades - News - The Beacon School... 👏👏👏👏


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Good news from where the number of top grades almost doubles this year. What a result.


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Best wishes to all 900+ Year 11 students across ( and ) for tomorrow’s results day.


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Important day for students with great A level results to celebrate. Congratulations to everyone Hard work pays off


Well done ladies. 👏👏👏


Congratulations well done everyone. 👏👏


  • Senior Leadership Team
    • Mr K Batchelor


      Whole School Curriculum Learning

      Mr K Batchelor
    • Ms Kate Marrill

      Deputy Headteacher

      Learning and Designated Safeguarding Lead

      Ms Kate Marrill
    • Mr P Cuthbert

      Deputy Headteacher

      Raising standards across the key stages.

      Mr P Cuthbert
    • Mr G Newton

      Assistant Headteacher - Head of Sixth Form

      Head of 6th Form.

      Mr G Newton
    • Mrs J Sheehan

      Assistant Headteacher

      Head of Lower School, Years 7 and 8

      Mrs J Sheehan
    • Mr R Davis

      Subject Leader for Music

      Quality nominee.  Learning and Teaching.  Visual learning environment.  Celebration of learning in the community

      Mr R Davis
  • Teaching Staff
    • Mrs K Dutia

      Faculty Leader of Maths

      Subject Leader - Mathematics

      Mrs K Dutia
    • Miss N Thompson

      Subject Leader for Business; Health & Social Care; Travel & Tourism; and Public Services

      Subject leader for Business Studies plus Vocational Studies and Enterprise

      Miss N Thompson
    • Mrs G DeAntiquis-Woods

      Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages

      Subject Leader - Modern Foreign Languages

      Mrs G DeAntiquis-Woods
    • Miss C Hider

      Year 9 Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 11

      Miss C Hider
    • Mr D Dutt

      Subject Leader for Psychology

      Subject Leader of Psychology

      Mr D Dutt
    • Mr J Tyson

      Faculty Leader for Collins

      Faculty Leader of Collins - Progress Lead of Boys Collins Faculty Lead, which includes: Business, Health and Social Care, PE, Public Services, Design Technology, Travel

      Mr J Tyson
    • Ms T Gell-Nogueira

      Year 8 Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 8

      Ms T Gell-Nogueira
    • Miss M Flynn

      Year 10 Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 9

      Miss M Flynn
    • Mrs S Hughes-Leaver

      Progress Leader

      Subject Leader for Computing and Year 13 Progress Leader

      Mrs S Hughes-Leaver
    • Mrs E Edwards

      Year 11 Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 10

      Mrs E Edwards
    • Mrs S Ball

      Faculty Leader of Melroy

      Melroy Faculty Lead, which includes: Art, Dance, Drama, Media & Film, Music

      Mrs S Ball
    • Mrs S Burge

      Faculty Leader for Young

      Young Faculty Lead, which includes: Geography, History (& Sociology), Modern Foreign Languages (& Law), RS & PSHE

      Mrs S Burge
    • Mrs C Barnwell

      Subject Leader

      Subject leader - Art and Photography

      Mrs C Barnwell
    • Mrs N Masson

      SEN Co-ordinator

      Special Educational Needs and Disability

      Mrs N Masson
    • Miss S Byrne

      Faculty Lead for Maths

      Faculty Leader for Maths

      Miss S Byrne
    • Mr J Lyndsay-Charlton

      Subject Leader for History

      Subject Leader of History and High Attainers' Lead

      Mr J Lyndsay-Charlton
    • Mrs M Swan

      Progress Leader - Year 12 and 13

      Pastoral support for Year 12 and 13 Careers & Marketing Co-Ordinator

      Mrs M Swan
    • Ms S Bryne

      Faculty Leader for Maths

      Faculty Leader for Mathematics

      Ms S Bryne
    • Miss K Carlisle

      Faculty Leader for Science

      Faculty Leader for Science and Coaching Lead

      Miss K Carlisle
    • Ms H Fear

      Faculty Leader of English

      Faculty Leader of English

      Ms H Fear
    • Miss G Papworth

      Subject Leader for Religious Studies and PSHCE

      Subject Leader for Religious Studies and PSHCE

      Miss G Papworth
    • Mr P Templeman

      Subject Leader for Design & Technology

      Subject Leader for Design and Technology

      Mr P Templeman
  • Support Staff
    • Ms G Croggon

      Finance Officer


      Ms G Croggon
    • Mrs T Jones

      Clerk to the Governors

      For enquiries regarding the school governing body

      Mrs T Jones
    • Mr O Thomas

      Attendance Officer

      for notification of absence

      Mr O Thomas
    • Mrs S Capon

      HR Officer

      Human Resources Personnel and recruitment

      Mrs S Capon
    • Mrs J Nicholson

      Administration & Communication Lead

      Lettings Parentpay School website

      Mrs J Nicholson
    • Mrs J Took


      Main Office - all general enquiries

      Mrs J Took
    • Mrs P Day

      Examinations Officer

      for all enquiries regarding external examinations

      Mrs P Day
    • Mrs Roots-Smith

      PA to Headteacher

      PA to Headteacher

      Mrs Roots-Smith
    • Mr J Walker

      Premises Manager


      Mr J Walker
    • Mrs K Frost

      First Aid Officer

      For all questions regarding first aid/medication.  Extension number: 1620

      Mrs K Frost