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Student Council Summer Fair Don’t forget to send your children in with a bit of extra cash tomorrow. The Student Council have arranged a wonderful summer fair for all students to run alongside Sports Day. Stalls are all 50p to a £1.


BFA Summer Prize Draw You’ve got to be in it to win it! £100 in crisp £20s all ready as our first prize in The Beacon School/Beacon Friends’ Association Summer Prize Draw. Have you sent in your tickets? Don’t forget you can pay on ParentPay and send the stubs to the main office.


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helping out at the Tattenham Corner Community Summer Fair. Come and see us.


Year 7 and 8 geography students proved themselves to be ‘Brilliant Geographers’ yesterday at the Natural History Museum. They experienced earthquakes, stood beneath the moon and came face to face with a Tyrannosaurus rex.


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5 weeks until our summer rugby camp . Play rugby, have fun & develop your skills. Book now!


Thanks for coming.


7CR really excelled in their home learning on environmental issues. Tasked with investigating a current issue in the world, students presented their findings - presentations, interviews, cartoons, cakes, 3D models, posters, leaflets and quizzes.


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Another year and another t-shirt! Thank you to everyone who supported for the Community Choir Concert over the last two nights. Some great singing from our primary friends, as well as our wonderful Beacon Singers!


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The BFA has a table at this lovely local event on Saturday 13th July. Come along and support us and have a whole lot of summer fun into the bargain☀️ ⁦⁩ ⁦


The bushcraft trip will be arriving back to school soon. Our ETA is 4:15, the same time I told parents when we left :)


The bushcraft trip will be arriving back to school soon. Our ETA is 4:15, the same time I told parents when we left :)


Year 8 have been brilliant getting back to nature!


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So today I deboned a salmon... then ate one of its eyes! Don’t ever make a bet with kids!


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Yesterday was the final Music Festival of the year. Absolutely amazing talent and so much hard work from our staff and pupils. 5 venues, over 700 children, 26 schools all united by the power of music and a love of singing. Well done everyone!


Please, could all class of 2018 Year 11 Art students come and collect their work by 3pm Tuesday 9th July. Any problems please email Thanks.


Year 8 have arrived at Bushcraft - campfire’s burning!


Congratulations Mrs Singleton. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


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When your son's school send you an email like this...👍😊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


  • Senior Leadership Team
    • Mr K Batchelor


      Whole School Curriculum Learning

      Mr K Batchelor
    • Ms Kate Marrill

      Deputy Headteacher

      Learning and Designated Safeguarding Lead

      Ms Kate Marrill
    • Mr P Cuthbert

      Deputy Headteacher

      Raising standards across the key stages.

      Mr P Cuthbert
    • Mrs N Albrecht

      Assistant Headteacher

      Raising Standards Leader for Years 9 and 10.

      Mrs N Albrecht
    • Mr D Parry

      Assistant Headteacher

      Curriculum, Learning and Teaching

      Mr D Parry
    • Mr G Newton

      Assistant Headteacher

      Head of 6th Form.

      Mr G Newton
    • Mrs J Sheehan

      Assistant Headteacher

      Head of Lower School, Years 7 and 8

      Mrs J Sheehan
    • Mrs V Lygo-Baker

      School Business Leader

      School Business Leader and administration, North Downs Schools Partnership

      Mrs V Lygo-Baker
    • Mrs K Cole

      Assistant Headteacher

      Seconded to Merstham Park School

      Mrs K Cole
    • Mr R Davis

      Director of Music

      Quality nominee.  Learning and Teaching.  Visual learning environment.  Celebration of learning in the community

      Mr R Davis
  • Teaching Staff
    • Mrs K Dutia

      Subject Leader - Year 8, 9 & 11 (Higher)

      Subject Leader - Mathematics

      Mrs K Dutia
    • Miss N Thompson

      Subject Leader

      Subject leader for Business Studies plus Vocational Studies and Enterprise

      Miss N Thompson
    • Mrs G DeAntiquis-Woods

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader - Modern Foreign Languages

      Mrs G DeAntiquis-Woods
    • Miss S Day

      Head of House

      Head of the House System

      Miss S Day
    • Miss C Hider

      Year 11 Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 11

      Miss C Hider
    • Mr D Dutt

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader of Psychology

      Mr D Dutt
    • Mrs K Southby

      Year 8 Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 8

      Mrs K Southby
    • Mr J Tyson

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader of Physical Education plus Progress Lead of Boys

      Mr J Tyson
    • Miss M Flynn

      Year 9 Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 9

      Miss M Flynn
    • Mrs S Hughes-Leaver

      Progress Leader

      Subject Leader for Computing and Year 13 Progress Leader

      Mrs S Hughes-Leaver
    • Miss S Baldwin

      Whole School Learning and Teaching Lead Practitioner


      Miss S Baldwin
    • Mrs E Edwards

      Year 10 Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 10

      Mrs E Edwards
    • Mrs C Barnwell

      Subject Leader

      Subject leader - Art and Photography

      Mrs C Barnwell
    • Mrs S Ball

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader - Drama

      Mrs S Ball
    • Mrs S Burge

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader - Geography

      Mrs S Burge
    • Mrs N Masson

      SEN Co-ordinator

      Special Educational Needs and Disability

      Mrs N Masson
    • Miss S Byrne

      Subject Leader - Year 7, 10 & 11 (Foundation)

       Subject Leader - Mathematics

      Miss S Byrne
    • Mr J Lyndsay-Charlton

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader of History and High Attainers' Lead

      Mr J Lyndsay-Charlton
    • Mrs M Swan

      Progress Leader

      Pastoral support for Year 12

      Mrs M Swan
    • Mrs A Beagley

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader for Music (Acting)

      Mrs A Beagley
    • Ms S Bryne

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader for Mathematics

      Ms S Bryne
    • Miss K Carlisle

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader for Science and Coaching Lead

      Miss K Carlisle
    • Mrs H Edwards

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader for Sociology

      Mrs H Edwards
    • Ms H Fear

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader for English (Acting)

      Ms H Fear
    • Miss G Papworth

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader for Religious Studies and PSHCE

      Miss G Papworth
    • Miss R Rocque

      Subject Leader

      Subject Leader for Media Studies (Acting)

      Miss R Rocque
    • Mr P Templeman

      Subject Leader

      Subject Lead for Design and Technology

      Mr P Templeman
  • Support Staff
    • Ms G Croggon

      Finance Officer


      Ms G Croggon
    • Mrs T Jones

      Clerk to the Governors

      For enquiries regarding the school governing body

      Mrs T Jones
    • Mr O Thomas

      Attendance Officer

      for notification of absence

      Mr O Thomas
    • Mrs S Capon

      HR Officer

      Human Resources Personnel and recruitment

      Mrs S Capon
    • Ms C Signe

      Office Manager

      Lettings Parentpay School website

      Ms C Signe
    • Mrs K Lonergan

      Catering Manager

      School meals

      Mrs K Lonergan
    • Mrs J Took


      Main Office - all general enquiries

      Mrs J Took
    • Mrs P Day

      Examinations Officer

      for all enquiries regarding external examinations

      Mrs P Day
    • Mrs Roots-Smith

      PA to Headteacher

      PA to Headteacher

      Mrs Roots-Smith
    • Mr J Walker

      Premises Manager


      Mr J Walker
    • Mrs K Frost

      First Aid Officer

      For all questions regarding first aid/medication.  Extension number: 1620

      Mrs K Frost