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This is a market visit followed by lunch on Sword Beach.


This week's newsletter.


Congratulations to all our ball boys representing the Beacon school at Wimbledon this year.


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Bring down your entries to the Art Department and hand them over to Mrs Barnwell, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Thorne, or Mrs Wellburn. Good luck, enjoy and we look forward to receiving your entries soon.


See the attached sheet for full details and some ideas on what your own personal shoe box gallery may look like. Prizes will be awarded for the best entries across all GLF schools. The deadline for the submission of entries is Monday 11th July.


Year 7 and 8 GLF Art and Design competition GLF and The Beacon School would like to invite you to enter an exciting Art competition. We would like you to design your own Shoe Box Art Gallery.


This Weeks Newsletter


Music exam requirements


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What a day! Our Y7 A&B teams got to play at Stamford Bridge as part of the tournament. The B team reached the 1/4 finals and our A team were runners up after losing the final on penalties. What an experience! Congratulations to


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Current House Points Totals


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This Weeks Newsletter.


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Please join us for the official lighting of our amazing BFA Beacon on 21st June 2022 at 6pm . Just scan the QR code to RSVP👍


Current House Points Totals


Good Luck to everyone sitting exams! Students begin sitting their first GCSE and A-Level exams since 2019.


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Core purpose and values

Our mission

We recognise that every student at The Beacon School has one chance at their education and deserves an exceptional experience, whatever their starting point. We are proud of our vibrant community comprising our driven, committed and expert staff, our kind, hard working and motivated students and our supportive and aspirational parents. Collectively we strive to ensure that the Beacon journey is enriching, challenging, engaging, and above all that it prepares our students academically, socially and culturally for a life full of choices, opportunities and achievement.

Our vision

By 2026 excellent leadership will ensure that The Beacon School will be a high achieving and thriving inclusive community which has a relentless focus on excellence. We will deliver excellent teaching which will holistically prepare our students for life by preparing them to achieve excellent qualifications, as well as to acquire the skills and confidence that they need to succeed in the wider world. This will be underpinned by a rich and ambitious curriculum for all students regardless of ability or background. Excellent leadership will ensure that our students will receive the modelling, guidance and support to understand the values of character, respect and integrity which are the foundation of excellent behaviour for learning; and simultaneously we will encourage our students to become curious, reflective, empathetic and resilient learners, developing the qualities which will allow them to experience success in and out of the classroom. Finally, we will build excellent partnerships with external stakeholders to provide our students with excellent role models, a breadth of enrichment experiences and to provide our students with the opportunity to become leading members of their local, national and international communities.

Our pillars of excellence

  1. Excellent leadership

Leaders at every level will create an ambitious yet compassionate culture of high aspiration, relentless improvement and unfailing support for every member of our community to be the very best they can be. Leaders will drive change, inspire and develop others and will have the highest expectations of each other and of our students.

  1. Excellent teaching and learning

Teaching will inspire, engage, challenge and motivate, will encourage the highest academic and behavioural standards and will develop a passion for lifelong learning among our students which will provide the firmest foundation for future success

  1. An excellent curriculum

Our ambitious curriculum will provide students with the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills required to achieve academic success as well as ensuring the development of learner qualities and a wide variety of enrichment experiences which will ensure they can achieve excellence in and out of the classroom

  1. Excellent partnerships

Partnerships will be formed with external educational, service, industrial, entrepreneurial stakeholders to support the development of the curriculum, to provide superb role models for our students and to provide leadership opportunities for all