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Massive well done to the Lionesses A huge step forward for Womens football European Champions 2022


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Current House Points Totals Well Done Discovery!!


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Current Vacancies Premises Assistant (non-residential) - Eteach Premises Assistant (Residential) - Eteach


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This is a market visit followed by lunch on Sword Beach.


This week's newsletter.


Congratulations to all our ball boys representing the Beacon school at Wimbledon this year.


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Bring down your entries to the Art Department and hand them over to Mrs Barnwell, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Thorne, or Mrs Wellburn. Good luck, enjoy and we look forward to receiving your entries soon.


See the attached sheet for full details and some ideas on what your own personal shoe box gallery may look like. Prizes will be awarded for the best entries across all GLF schools. The deadline for the submission of entries is Monday 11th July.


Year 7 and 8 GLF Art and Design competition GLF and The Beacon School would like to invite you to enter an exciting Art competition. We would like you to design your own Shoe Box Art Gallery.


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Music exam requirements


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What a day! Our Y7 A&B teams got to play at Stamford Bridge as part of the tournament. The B team reached the 1/4 finals and our A team were runners up after losing the final on penalties. What an experience! Congratulations to


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Online Learning Guide

Please find below a video tutorial to help explain the process for how online learning and the school day will operate in the event of lock down.  There is also a guidance sheet that has been created which will help you with some provided scenarios.

Key messages from video:

  • It is mandatory that all students follow their timetables and attend all lessons online. Links to the live lessons via Google Meet will be found on their Google Classrooms for the subjects they have lessons for.
  • Students need to use their school email accounts for logging into Google ( the password will be the same as logging on to the school computers.
  • Registers will be taken as normal at the beginning of the lessons and those absent will have phone calls home to parents and carers.
  • All lessons will remain 100 minutes long and your teacher will be available for the duration of the lessons.  Although some subjects will run a little differently i.e. some teachers will teach a full 100 minute lesson as normal and other subjects will give you allocated time for independent learning, your teacher will still be available for the whole 100 minute lesson and the work set will have to be submitted for the end of the lessons.
  • If you are at home and the school is open, you are still expected to complete the work set for the day and stick to your timetable as if you are in school.  Where possible, teachers will live stream their classes for you to join in the same way using Google Meet and posted on Google Classroom.
  • Tutor time at the beginning and end of the day is part of your timetable and therefore mandatory.

If you are absent due to illness, you must still follow the absence procedure and make contact with the school to register this.

Any questions, please contact your form tutors.

Online Safety

Technology Provision Form

Google Online Learning Tutorial

Using notes scanner to submit work

Student Parent Guidance Google Classroom and ClassCharts

Online platforms used at the school

Console Online Learning Guide

How to take screenshots on your Chromebook

Social Media Security Guidelines