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Top grade success at The Beacon The Sixth Form students have achieved the best A Level results the school has seen for years. They made significant increases in the numbers of top grades, with 4 students achieving the highest A* Grade and with 17% of exams being awarded A*/A.


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Well done to students and staff who have achieved fantastic A-Level results. There were great scenes at the school this morning as students opened their envelopes, including Elizabeth MacLean > She was delighted! https://t.co/ansv6xUK2B


Good luck to all those finding out their A-level results today. https://t.co/9hKKv1JS7p


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With a summers worth of adventures to talk about and a year of learning to look forward to, September is the best time for a fresh start! If you're interested in part time hours, job share roles, permanent positions or general supply, contact us today recruitment.org https://t.co/eEtLNojFWL


Year 13 Geographers......this is one fascinating article to prepare you for your ‘Superpowers’ topic in September. https://t.co/QxbK8wERbg


All ready for prize giving tonight. https://t.co/hjPie7ajta


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Stormzy is releasing a book and setting up a publishing company. Share with your students champions of their age. Role models of their generation. He is one. Nobodies perfect. But he is working to be better. Daily. https://t.co/MW2MvMViuH


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Home from -a truly awesome day. I have been a true fan girl and met some of the wonderful women I have inspired me for a long time, and can add more to that list today. I will be 10%braver, I will fulfil my pledge & I hope to inspire others in the future https://t.co/JMysrUjX64


Last day of the camping trip yesterday - team building activities for all students including rock climbing , low ropes obstacle course. Students behaviour was exemplary and a credit to themselves and the Beacon School. https://t.co/1a10P3Klfm


A Great opportunity with https://t.co/KDOXreORFH https://t.co/3FYN7k9VNI


Can you think of any other places they need to visit?


The Geography Department are getting excited!! 🇮🇹 https://t.co/RGnh90ZstA


Year 11 transition into sixth form team building Trip at High Ashurst. Tee Pee's , BBQ , rounders and camp fire !! Fun had by all. High ropes low ropes -roll on day two 😄😄 https://t.co/8UBhL8c620


Our Year 13 students enjoyed their Prom last night at the Kingswood Golf Club. https://t.co/2nCH412dMD


Due to a major school event taking place on Thursday 28th June, the roads surrounding the school will be significantly busier than usual from 3:00pm onwards. Parents/carers are strongly encouraged to enter Picquets Way via Tattenham Way and exit via The Drive.


Update from Normandy. We have arrived safely in the beautiful grounds of le manoir and our children have survived making their beds and eating their French dinner. Now a quick game of rounders!


Students and staff left for Normandy this morning and enjoyed the journey to their accommodation after a safe crossing and picnic lunch.

Uniform Order Form

Please note that as a guideline the size 30" jumper does come up very small and a size 32" maybe a better option with room for growth.

Uniform Order 2018

Uniform Order 2018
  • Please make a note of the total amount to be paid before submitting the form as you will need to credit your ParentPay Shop Account with the correct funds.

    Please ensure that your ParentPay Shop Account has sufficient funds credited as unfortunately we are unable to accept cash or debit/credit cards.

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Black Front Pleated Regulation Skirt (sizes 22" to 28") - £19.00 each
Black Regulation Skirt (sizes 30"" to 36") - £20.00 each
Navy and white blouse - twin pack (girls) (sizes 28" to 34") - £23.00
Navy and white blouse - twin pack (girls) (sizes 36" to 48") - £24.00
PE unisex Crew T-Shirt (sizes 26" to 34") - £13.00
PE unisex Crew T-Shirt (sizes 38"/40") - £14.00
PE Shorts unisex (compulsory item for boys) sizes 26" to 38" - £11.00
PE girls Skorts - (compulsory if not wearing shorts) sizes 24" to 28" - £16.00
PE girls Skorts - (compulsory if not wearing shorts) sizes 28" to 36" - £17.00
PE unisex Stadium Pants (optional item must be purchased from school shop) sizes 26" to 30" - £21.00
PE unisex Stadium Pants (optional item must be purchased from school shop) sizes 30" to 38" - £22.00
PE unisex Fleece (optional item must be purchased from school shop) sizes 36" to 38" - £22.00
PE unisex Fleece (optional item must be purchased from school shop) sizes 40" to 42" - £23.00
PE Games Socks - Red - Compulsory Item
V-neck jumper with school logo (sizes 30" to 38") - £22.00
V-neck jumper with school logo (sizes 40" to 46") - £23.00
Boys School Tie - £6.00