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Year 10 debating 'should mental health be taught in school?' as part of the PSHE day on wellbeing.


For anyone interested in an engineering apprenticeship


Current house points totals.


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Thank you the students had an amazing workshop today. They worked so well for a really long day


The Beacon go marching on into the Quarter Finals of the Surrey Cup after a fantastic 1-0 victory over Warlingham! On a very wet Friday afternoon, The Beacon year 8 football team travelled to Warlingham to play...


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The Competition was held 24 January. Teacher Rachel Wellburn organised it & Andrew Cousens Head Chef judged. Winner, Oliver, passed Round2 & progressed to R3!


Match Report Year 9 Netball.


The local Tattenham Corner Community Group is running an all new Photography Exhibition in the BGMG car showroom at Tattenham Corner. Students at The Beacon School displayed some of their work there last year...


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is OPEN as normal today. Please avoid driving on Picquets Way if you can. Students are free to wear sensible alternative footwear today


The school is open today.


Thank you Ben Mark for coming in and talking to our students.


Year 9/10 Surrey Schools Futsal Competition


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We've created online resources to help young people identify real news and filter out and false information 👉 And to sign up your school, college or youth group for a potential workshop:




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massive congratulations Charlie!!!! Such a belter.... world champ!!! I hope to be seeing you with your belt!


Massive congratulations Charlie Edwards outpoints Cristofer Rosales to claim WBC world flyweight title


Beacon Geographers - tsunamis caused by volcanic eruptions are rare. Read the attached article and keep up to date with this latest tectonic disaster. We will be talking about this tragic event in lessons after Christmas...


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Another fabulous evening watching the highly talented musicians and singers of The Beacon School in Banstead at their Christmas Concert. Such a joyful way to really start Christmas. So please my kids are at this brilliant school.

Assessment and Reporting

We want every student to enjoy their learning in all areas of school life and acquire the knowledge and skills that they need to achieve strong qualifications. 

To let students, and their parents, know how they are doing at school, we assess learning regularly and offer feedback through lessons, homework and our reporting process.   We know that transparent and regular reporting helps improve the discussions around individual progress and achievement, as well as motivate and inspire young people to aim high and succeed. 

All students have target grades for their Key Stage and termly working grades.  The aim is for students to work towards meeting - and exceeding - their targets through high levels of commitment, effort and homework.  We report to parents regularly about this.

The culture we have developed here is one of a growth mindset, where there are no upper limits to what can be enjoyed and achieved.  Whilst we recognise that learning is not always linear, with some peaks and dips at times, we want to be able to talk about progress in honest and constructive ways.  We aim to do this regularly with students, parents and teachers; it makes our work together so much more effective.

Year 7 - Parent Forum Assessment