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Our final group of Year 9 Geographers were amazing on the coast of Folkestone today. Well done to each and every one of you. Students have been a pleasure to spend the day with


Black ankle socks.


News from the French trip. We are at Calais and will be taking the 8:15 pm boat. We expect to be at school between 10:30-11:00pm but will update you once we are closer to school.


Student's just need have to have their jumper with them, at school, they can take them off at any time.


Girls uniform: We just want to confirm that last summer we changed the uniform policy to allow girls to wear black socks with their skirts in the summer term. I know that a number of families have not picked up on this change so hopefully this helps clarify the situation.


Day of history and culture with a morning at Bayeux and the afternoon at the 360* cinema at Arromanches.


Lovely morning at Avranches market followed by lunch in le jardin des plantes next stop Mont St Michel


We have arrived, made beds now playing before dinner having stopped for lunch by the river.


We are on our way!!




Due to a major event taking place at the school this afternoon, Picquets Way and the surrounding roads are likely to be significantly busier than normal. Where possible, please make alternative arrangements for picking your son/daughter up from school at the end of the day.


The Geography Department have dodged the rain this week and taken 120 Geographers to sunny Folkestone to collect primary data for their GCSE coastal studies. Students have learnt to beach profile, analyse sediment, complete EQIs and field sketch.👍


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If you've been inspired by the incredible twists and turns in the , why not find out more about some incredible female footballers? Win our competition and you could be learning about four of the greats:


The Beacon Languages Department and especially the Year 9 French students are really looking forward to the arrival of our French visitors on Monday!


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Delighted to attend a reception last night with Chris Grayling to represent alongside so many community groups making such a difference to the local area


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Year 11 we have got this.... final science exam today, physics paper 2! You have been brilliant and worked incredibly hard. We will be in from 7:30am for final questions at breakfast revision. Best of luck!


A huge well done to all our Year 11 and Year 13 Geographers for completing your exams today. You have shown a huge commitment, enthusiasm and effort over the past few weeks and we are incredibly proud of you.🌍 From Team Geography


Could ALL GCSE Art students come to the Art Department at some point during the day on Friday 14th June to claim mounted work that has been unclaimed.


The Art and Photography GCSE and A Level exhibition will be taking place on Tuesday 26th of June from 4 - 6pm. All Art and Photography students, friends and families are invited to celebrate the students hard work.


Key Stage 3

KS3 Vision

At Key Stage 3 we support the school’s vision to prepare students for life by giving them the skills and confidence they need to be successful in the wider world.  Students are given a variety of experiences through an engaging and stimulating range of activities completed within lessons, active tutorials, around school, the local community and beyond. Learning and teaching is dynamic in all subject areas, therefore ensuring our students are fully prepared for Key Stage 4.  We instil a sense of pride in all our students and promote the notion of excellence in everything they do.

Year 7 – Induction and Development

The key focus in Year 7 is to induct students into The Beacon School’s routines and academic/behavioural expectations.  There is a particular focus on developing a love of learning within a culture that promotes independence and celebrates student achievement, effort and ‘going the extra mile’.  Students become active and valued members of the school community, taking part in House competitions and charity events with the added opportunity of becoming involved in prestigious school events such as the School Production and Christmas Concert.

Year 7 - X Band Exam Timetable

Year 7 - Y Band Exam Timetable

Year 7 - Exam Subject Revision Guide


Year 8 – ‘To be KS4 ready’

The key focus in Year 8 is to ensure students have the best opportunity to achieve their end of Key Stage 3 targets and have academic ambition.  There is a particular focus on developing students’ resilience and retention skills through the rigour of their study.  Students continue to build upon their wider knowledge of the world through lessons and a range of topics studied during active tutorials.  They take on greater responsibility within school and become role models for younger students. Broadening students’ understanding of varied careers through a range of activities informs their transition to a more personalised programme of study at Key Stage 4.

Year 8 - X Band Exam Timetable

Year 8 - Y Band Exam Timetable

Year 8 - Exam Subject Revision Guide