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Massive well done to the Lionesses A huge step forward for Womens football European Champions 2022


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This is a market visit followed by lunch on Sword Beach.


This week's newsletter.


Congratulations to all our ball boys representing the Beacon school at Wimbledon this year.


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Bring down your entries to the Art Department and hand them over to Mrs Barnwell, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Thorne, or Mrs Wellburn. Good luck, enjoy and we look forward to receiving your entries soon.


See the attached sheet for full details and some ideas on what your own personal shoe box gallery may look like. Prizes will be awarded for the best entries across all GLF schools. The deadline for the submission of entries is Monday 11th July.


Year 7 and 8 GLF Art and Design competition GLF and The Beacon School would like to invite you to enter an exciting Art competition. We would like you to design your own Shoe Box Art Gallery.


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What a day! Our Y7 A&B teams got to play at Stamford Bridge as part of the tournament. The B team reached the 1/4 finals and our A team were runners up after losing the final on penalties. What an experience! Congratulations to


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Posted on: 15/12/2021



As our term comes to a close, I would like to thank all of The Beacon community for their support of the school this term. We were so delighted in September to start the year in what felt the closest to a ‘normal' that we had felt for such a long time and this term has just flown by. It has been wonderful to be able to welcome families and also prospective families to our school over the past few months and to once again see the school full of guests. This week culminates the term with our annual Christmas lunch and Celebration Assemblies.

Nothing has exemplified the best of The Beacon more than the phenomenal school production of Oliver. The commitment and dedication of the team has delivered one of the best performances you could possibly wish to see with audiences being wowed over the four nights. With over eighty students from across all year groups and staff from across the school involved, it certainly deserves its name as the whole school production.

In partnership with Mark Leach who is our GLF Estates Partner, I have been able to secure £30,000 worth of investment to replace the very aged lighting systems in Drama and the Main Hall. This not only continues the significant investment in our site, but it also helps to ensure that we can continue to deliver such fantastic shows for many years to come and also provide the best resources that we can for students taking their Drama examinations. 

Once again, we have been supported by the wonderful efforts of our Beacon Friends Association (BFA). It was a delight to make the draw for the Christmas Raffle yesterday and to celebrate not only the winners but also celebrate your contribution to this by raising over £1,500 for the BFA. Staff from all departments are now bidding for extra resources which can only be secured by the extra funding that your donations and the hard work of the BFA provide.

Thank you to BFA members, Ros and Sally, who have put in a huge number of miles walking local high streets to secure us the donations for the prize draw. I also want to especially thank Gary and David for the huge number of miles that they achieved when they completed the Beacon to Beacon Walk which raised over £1,000 in October. 

A few weeks ago, I asked the parental body for new volunteers to step up and take the BFA forwards as our very long serving volunteers come to the end of their terms of service. On behalf of the whole school community I would like to express my deep gratitude for everything that Paula Ghinn, Tim Snuggs, Gary Eversfield and Gill Leake have achieved over so many years of service to the school through the Beacon Parent’s Association and more recently through our BFA. 

As we come to the end of the term, I would like to thank colleagues who are leaving The Beacon for their commitment to our school. Miss Day leaves us from Science and Mrs Ittenshon from Maths. Some of you may have already spoken with Mrs Blackburn who has joined us recently as Assistant Attendance Officer and Mrs Peach who has joined our SEND team. In January, we welcome Miss Kenyon and Mr MacDonald to our teaching team and Mrs Cook and Mrs Dowie to our SEND Faculty

Headteacher Commendations

It has been a pleasure to present the following students with a Headteacher Commendation during the Autumn Term. Congratulations to them all.

  • Elorm G
  • Erin S
  • Freddie M
  • Imogen B
  • Ellie P
  • Mia W
  • Noah W
  • Thomas C

I would like to remind families that our start of term arrangements have changed to allow us the time to complete Covid tests before students return. Tuesday 4th January remains as our Inset Day but there will be testing on site.  On Wednesday 5th January 2022 the school is open only to students who have booked a test on this day. Students will return at 8:35am on Thursday 6th January 2022 on Week 2.  

At this time, it is not clear if there will be any further changes to government Covid guidance over the Christmas break. Therefore, before students return to school that week, can I please ask you to make sure that you check for any communications from us via your email or the school website. 

I strongly encourage all students to complete a test with us before the full return to school. Mr Cuthbert has sent families detailed information regarding the testing, but you can also follow this Link to book your child’s appointment for a test. 

Finally, can I remind families that all communication with us should be made through our email address during the Christmas break as other accounts may not be monitored. 

I hope that you have a lovely Christmas holiday, stay safe and I look forward to welcoming you back in January,

Keith Batchelor