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Date of letterrelevant year/groupdetails of letter (click on the text to open)
January 2017Year 11 GCSE Dance Students Year 11 GCSE Dance Show
January 2017Sixth FormIceland Trip 2017
January 2017Year 8Options Evening - 1st March 2017
January 2017Whole schoolInformation and procedures: Adverse weather
January 2017Sixth FormSixth Form Update
December 2016Whole school Update from the Principal 
December 2016Selected Year 7 studentsYear 7 visit to Surrey University
November 2016Selected studentsPalace of Westminster Trip
November 2016GCSE PE studentsVideo evidence for GCSE PE
November 2016Whole SchoolChildren in Need non-uniform day
November 2016Year 7Year 7 Reading Journal
November 2016Sixth Form Year 13 Registration and Assemblies
November 2016Sixth FormSixth Form Parents' Evening
October 2016Sixth FormYear 12 Work Experience
October 2016Year 11Year 11 Mock Examinations 2016 
October 2016Whole SchoolUpdate from the Principal
October 2016Whole SchoolGet into Teaching
September 2016Year 11Year 11 Parent Forum Evening
September 2016Year 7Year 7 Parent Forum Evening
September 2016Year 9Year 9 Parent Forum Evening
September 2016Whole SchoolUpdate from the Principal