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The Physical Education department at The Beacon School aims to educate students by providing a wide variety of different practical experiences. The Department seeks to develop the individual student’s opportunity to participate in range of different sports and activities, improve and develop their physical competency and skills, general fitness and understanding of how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. By providing a broad and balanced curricular and extra-curricular programme, we hope to encourage the students to become lifelong participants in sport and physical activity, whilst developing independent thinkers who are confident young people. To ensure maximum participation, the department has a “sick or fit – bring your kit” policy. Students are required to bring kit to every lesson even if they are unable to actively take part. The reasons for this are as follows:

• Students must be supervised by staff at all times. This means that they must accompany their group to the lesson. If the lesson is taking place outside, changing into kit will ensure that their school uniform remains clean and dry for the rest of the day.

• All students are required to take an active role in lessons. Students who are unable to participate are required to assist staff in refereeing, coaching and evaluating. Bringing kit to all lessons will allow all students to take an active role and enhance their learning within the subject.

• Depending on the injury / illness the student may even be able to take part in a different activity within an alternative group.

Students with serious injuries, accompanied by a medical certificate / doctors note, who are unable to change, will not be required to wear kit.
It is the Department’s ultimate aim to get as many young people involved and enjoying sport and physical activity as we can and as such we are always looking for new activities and sports to include on the curriculum. We will continue to monitor the sports and activities that we offer and tailor these to best suit the needs of our pupils. 

Details of current sports fixtures can be found on the website under 'Students > 'Sports and Fixtures' or by clicking here.  Please note that these dates are subject to change.