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24 January 17

Dear Parents


We are now three weeks into the term and, as you would expect, the life of the Sixth Form has been busy. Students are working towards the summer examination and assessment series, and we are experiencing a real drive and purpose to ensure every individual is making maximum progress.

I am writing to you now to give you some updates and reminders to ensure that all the students are aware of the high expectations and standards required to succeed at Key Stage 5.

The Sixth Form students are waiting for their Mock examinations results which will be formally presented to them in a joint Year 12 and Year 13 assembly on Friday 27th January. A copy will also be sent home by post for your perusal. Student attendance at this assembly is compulsory for both BTEC and A Level students.

As you can imagine, many students will be celebrating their successes in their individual subjects, whilst for others they will be reflecting on how to improve any results that may be disappointing. Any student who has achieved two grades lower than their target grade will be required to re-sit their paper/papers once they have received comprehensive feedback from their subject teacher. This will give them an opportunity to practise any specific skills or areas that have been identified as an area of weakness.

There is a proven link between high progress and attainment with good attendance and punctuality. Research has shown that if one compares students of equal ‘ability’, those with attendance of over 95% perform one grade higher per subject than those with attendance of 85% or less. Each further 10% fall reduces this by another grade. Therefore, missing one day every two weeks will lower a student’s performance by one grade per subject. With this in mind, it is imperative that every student attends every day, except for exceptional circumstances such as an interview, university open day, driving test or serious illness supported by a doctor’s letter. Coughs or colds are not considered as a serious illness, and all absence must be communicated via email or phone call to the Sixth Form Administrator, Mrs McBride.

It is imperative that students who study any BTEC Level 3 courses meet their assignment deadlines. Any student who does not meet their deadline is in danger of failing the whole course, due to the strict assessment schedule guidelines and verification process as outlined by the exam board. Wednesday afternoons 3-5pm in the Sixth Form Centre have been put aside for any student to complete their assignments briefs, seek help/feedback/advice and ensure they fulfil their assessment obligations.

I would like to take this opportunity to re-iterate the Sixth Form Dress code. No students should be wearing revealing clothing, which includes ripped jeans, low cut or midriff exposing clothing. As you are aware we have ‘Formal Fridays’ were the students are expected to make the effort to dress in smart work attire, unless there are adverse weather conditions, such as snow that require appropriate warm clothes and footwear. Any student who repeatedly flouts the dress code expectations will be asked to return home to change.

On the 7th February, Year 12 will be participating in their PSHCE day which will include a workshops from an external company called Inner Drive. They will deliver a morning session on achieving a mastery mindset, dealing with examination demands and stress, and acquiring the habits of a successful learner. In the afternoon, the students will be introduced to the UCAS university process and will be guided through how to find and apply for an apprenticeship. Attendance for the day is compulsory. There will be a parent UCAS evening held on 6th June 2017. Further details will be communicated nearer the time.

It is an exciting time for Year 13 as their offers for a range of university places come in and they are making their final plans for the next stages of their education, employment or training. This signals the final push to drive forward their progress and secure their future. The Sixth Form Team, subject leaders and teaching staff are working hard to ensure that the students act on the advice the students will receive from their mock examination/assessment series. I have included the formal assessment calendar which will enable you to see when your son/daughter will be preparing for the latest assessments over the spring and summer term.

As always, thank you for your support, which is crucial in securing the success of all our students.

Yours faithfully

Naomi Albrecht

Director of Sixth Form