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The Local Governing Body

The Beacon School is part of GLF Schools Multi Academy Trust (MAT). GLF Schools is made up of a number of Academies, each operating independently through its Local Governing Body (LGB). Whilst each local governing body works independently with its own unique vision and character, the ethos of the Trust is that all academies will work collaboratively, to enable students and staff to flourish and grow.

GLF Schools has a Board of Directors which has established a Local Governing Body (LGB) for each of its schools, with delegated powers. The delegated powers are detailed within the GLF Schools’ Scheme of Delegation which clarifies the working relationship between the GLF Schools’ Board, the LGBs and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Executive Team.

Local Governing Bodies are still the strategic leaders of their schools and are best placed to understand the local context. They have a vital role in ensuring that every child gets the best possible education.  We have a strong focus on three core strategic aims:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Principal to account for educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

The Beacon School’s Local Governing Body is comprised of voluntary representatives from the local community, parents and staff. The size of the LGB is determined by the local members and takes account of advice from the Trust Board. Our LGB comprises of 9 members.  We also have 3 co-opted governors who join us for a year at a time with a specific focus. Parent and Staff Governors are elected by either the parent or staff body. Other members are appointed by the LGB and ALL appointments are made on a skills basis .Skills audits are completed at least annually and the LGB reflects a broad and balanced team in order to do our job well for the benefit of your children.

Governors discharge their duties through full governing body meetings and monitoring visits to school. Our LGB conducts all its business at one meeting with no separate committees, and we meet twice a term. We evaluate our own effectiveness annually and make changes accordingly.  Governors attend a variety of training events as a group and individually, to improve understanding of their role and to keep up to date with educational developments.

The local Governing body

Mrs Paula Ghinn Chair, Ordinary Governor, Parent, appointed by the LGB
Mr Martin Burke Vice Chair, Ordinary Governor, appointed by the LGB
Mrs Gill Edwards Vice Chair, Ordinary Governor, Safeguarding Lead, Parent, appointed by the LGB
Mrs Lisa Adams Parent Governor, elected by parents
Mr Russell Bennett Principal, Ex-officio Governor
Mrs Michelle Sadler Parent Governor, elected by the parents
Mrs Wendy Sagar Ordinary Governor, appointed by the LGB
Mrs Gemma Papworth Staff Governor, appointed by the LGB
Vacancy Ordinary Governors, appointed by the LGB

 Co-opted Governors - 2016/17 Strategic Focus

Mr Gary Eversfield Leadership and Management
Mr Tayyab Jamil

Modelling Economic and Educational Best Practice

Mr Peter Latham Outstanding Outcomes/Ofsted Support

how to contact the local governing body

The Clerk to the Local Governing Body (LGB) provides administrative support to the members of the LGB and should be the first point of contact for any correspondence or queries.  The Clerk and the Chair can be contacted, in confidence, directly through the school or by email:

Mrs Tessa Jones
Mrs Paula Ghinn