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The Curriculum at Key Stage 3

Year 7

When students arrive in Year 7, we aim to quickly build on their knowledge and skills from Key Stage 2. Our curriculum provides for flexible learning around a well-balanced core of knowledge and skills. There is a strong focus on the core subjects of English, Literacy, Mathematics, Mathematical Skills and Science. Students also study Art, Computer Science, Design Technology, Drama, Geography, History, Music, Personal, Social and Citizenship Education, Physical Education and Religious Studies.

Students are set by academic ability in the majority of their subjects. The express stream provides an opportunity for our brightest students to take additional qualifications and accelerate their progression. For students who have been identified as possibly needing support with the move from primary to secondary, our Transition Group offers this additional provision.

Year 8

During Year 8 students consolidate their Key Stage 3 learning and further develop their skills and knowledge that will form the basis of a good understanding at Key Stage 4. In Year 9 we provide courses and progression routes to enable students to realise their full potential. Our comprehensive Options Programme takes place during the spring term and enables each student to be guided on to a personalised curriculum experience in Key Stage 4.

Additional information regarding Years 7 & 8 can be found within the KS3 Curriculum Guide.

Curriculum Maps for each subject provide details about what students will be learning at different times of the school year. Included in each plan is how students can further extend their learning outside of the classroom environment and includes suggestions as to parents can support them. To view the Key Stage 3 Curriculum Maps, for each subject, please use the links below.