In This Section

The House system aims to achieve and embed the following principles:

  • To raise pupil progress and attainment
  • To further develop the students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and awareness
  • To build a community within each House

  • To build healthy competition and a sense of pride in the House

  • To provide opportunities for students to learn from other year groups and their experiences

  • To provide role models for the younger students

  • To develop leadership opportunities throughout the school

House Names

The House names were voted for by the students, staff and the Governing Body. The list of names to choose from represented famous people or important technological advances that have led the way in our world history and today’s society. The final House names and colours selected were the names of space shuttles which have ‘led the way’ in space exploration:

Throughout the year, the House System gives all students the opportunity to participate in House Celebration assemblies, charity events, mentoring programmes, enrichment activities and competitions.

House Officials

Each House is led by a team of officials who ensure each House is fully supported and represented in the House competitions and events.

  • Director of the House System and Enrichment Co-ordinator – Miss Green
  • Senior Heads of House – members of the Senior Leadership Team
  • Heads of House – students of the 6th Form
  • Deputy Head Girl & Deputy Head Boy – students of the 6th Form
House Name Senior Head of House Head of House Deputy Head of House
Atlantis Mrs Cole Harry Heaven t.b.c.
Discovery Mr Morlese Zak Collison t.b.c.
Endeavor Ms Borra Oli Johnson t.b.c.
Explorer Mr Parry Keira Dulake t.b.c

House Points

House Points are awarded via the on-line Vivo Miles system. Students gain these points through a range of activities, including good attendance, citizenship, participation in extra-curricular activities, representing sports teams, tournaments and other events. The points are collated throughout the Year and this achievement is celebrated in the termly and end-of-year House Assemblies. On these occasions, awards for various House competitions are presented, including winners of the Year Group Award, Charity Shield and Sports Awards.


The House System is represented through the school uniform. The House jumper has the colour of the house indicated by a stripe in the V of the jumper. In addition, there is also a house tie and the summer polo shirt has The Beacon logo in the house colour.