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At The Beacon, we know that homework makes a significant difference to the learning process and individual student attainment.  It is often those who have highly developed independent learning skills from completing homework that make the strongest progress and are successful in examinations.  Homework aims to develop our students’ skills, knowledge and enjoyment for their subjects.  It is designed to:

• extend knowledge from lessons
• improve independence
• encourage everyone to read widely and deeply
• help ensure excellent progress and levels of work across all subjects.

How is homework set?

We endeavour to communicate homework tasks and expectations efficiently to ensure student engagement and gain parental support for effective home learning. It is set by the subject teachers according to the homework timetable. Students need to record the task and the deadline in their student organisers.  The task and deadline are also on the Show My Homework page of the school website and this often carries links to wider reading sources or video clips that can support learning. 

To do their very best, our advice to students is:

• Check you have understood the task and made a good note of the hand in date in your organiser.
• Ask your teacher what you need to do in order to achieve your best.
• Produce work of a high quality – all the time.
• Spend at least the time you have been given to complete the tasks.
• Extend your interests by reading widely around the topics.

How often is homework set?

In Key Stage 3 students should expect up to one hour and thirty minutes of homework each day although this may vary depending on the positioning of subjects on the timetable. In Key Stage 4, this will increase to around two hours and students will also be expected to carry out additional background reading and revision of class work, especially during the examination and assessment periods.  In the Sixth Form, we expect an hour for each taught hour within the timetable i.e. 9 hours per subject so 9 hours homework time.