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The Enrichment Programme

The Enrichment Programme aims to offer our students experiences and activities that go beyond the curriculum. We want every individual to extend their skills and talents in a range of areas, such as: sports clubs and teams, music, the dramatic arts,  gardening and design, as well as many others. The documents found under FEATURED CONTENT give you an insight into the clubs and activities available to our students in the Autumn Term of 2016.

The Programme is deemed part of the school week, taking place from 3pm to 4pm every Tuesday and Thursday. It is a requirement that all Year 7 & 8 students attend one of these sessions a week otherwise they will not complete the required number of schooling hours for the academic year (due to the 2 week October half term). Each activity runs for the duration of term enabling students to make three choices over the course of the year. As numbers are limited for some courses we hope that these regular changes will allow every individual to try their first preference at some stage. 

We also intend these sessions to offer opportunities that will support the mainstream curriculum. At certain points in the year, small groups of students will be allocated tuition sessions in Mathematics and English, and possibly other key subject areas as we identify the need.

As the Enrichment Programme progresses we hope to offer more paid activities run by external specialists. This will allow the variety of enrichments offered to our students to become even more diversified.