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Careers IAG

The Beacon School is committed to providing students with high quality Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) regarding education pathways, apprenticeships and careers.

We aim to help students make informed decisions at key times in their education, for example with option choices in Year 8,  post 16 plans in Year 11, and in Year 12 as they plan for university or working life. In addition to dedicated careers input for all year groups, the school’s IAG programme includes interaction with universities and the local business community.  Year 12 students have the opportunity to complete a one week work experience placement.

Interviews are available with an independent Careers Advisor, who regularly visits the school, and help is also available from our Careers Coordinator who oversees the dedicated careers section in the library.

ICT programmes and websites provide an insight into the world of work and by using simple psychometric assessments Fast Tomato, a careers guidance website, provides personally tailored careers and course suggestions.