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In order to ensure that every student acquires the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to be successful in their GCSEs and beyond, rigorous and regular assessment is at the heart of our teachers’ work.  At Key Stage 3, assessment will have an impact on the process of choosing options for study at Key Stage 4.

‘Assessment’ is an everyday activity helping us make inferences about student learning and how to close the gaps. It is inextricably linked to teaching, as without assessment we can never know what has been learned. Our expectation is that all our students will thrive academically and achieve exam results of which they can be proud, regardless of their starting point.

Student progress is carefully monitored through regular marking and feedback by the teaching staff. In addition to this, students are assessed in each subject throughout the term. The way that students are assessed varies depending on the skills and knowledge being studied at the time and on the subject being taught, but will include formal testing as well as presentations and practical assignments. This information allows us to establish how effectively our students are learning and can be used to design interventions that will help them improve on any weak areas of knowledge, understanding or skills. 


We recognise the importance of providing students and their parents / carers with regular feedback on their progress at The Beacon School. Parents/Carers receive three reports during the academic year 2016-17.

The school regularly holds Curriculum Information evenings which aim to inform parents of the content of each academic year or Key Stage, how students will be assessed as well as explaining important details such as National Curriculum levels, how to use our Virtual Learning Environment and how families can best support their child's progress at home. It is also an opportunity to find out what students will be studying and what extra materials will help them to ensure their progress even further.